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  1. Cane McKeyton

    What's your fav furry weapon?

    My characters rarely get into combat but if I had to choose a weapon...... hmmm, gun, preferably shotgun, SPAS-12.
  2. Cane McKeyton

    What weapon does your fursona use?

    Well, Cane is generally a non combat character, preferring to negotiate or run from a conflict. However he does have the controls to an orbiting laser strike satellite which I have used in a few RPs.
  3. Cane McKeyton

    accidental furry actions

    I bark involuntarily rather then saying ouch.
  4. Cane McKeyton

    101 Things that you SHOULDN'T do in a fursuit!

    183: Tease the Bigfoot enthusiasts
  5. Cane McKeyton

    Hey, fancy seeing you here. =D

    Hey, fancy seeing you here. =D
  6. Cane McKeyton

    Your favorite game that no one's heard of

    Planet Blupi: Basically an RTS game about these yellow egg shaped people who are trying to defend their planet from an evil invading robot. It's cute and can be pretty challenging and was my very first RTS game.
  7. Cane McKeyton

    First encounter?

    Actually, it was probably my Mom and my Grandpa that made me a furry. My Mom loves the classic Loony Toons cartoons and used to watch it with me when I was but a little pup. My Grandpa also loves cartoons, his favorite being Wile E. Coyote. If that's not a formula for breeding a furry then I...
  8. Cane McKeyton

    What does your Fursona/Charecter mean to you?

    My fursona is the me I want to be. Cane is a very rambunctious and out there but I, in real life am a very reserved and not someone who likes the spot light. In the beginning he was more like me, quiet and shy but over the years he has taken on a life of his own and evolved into what he is now...
  9. Cane McKeyton

    Yo, what's up!

    Hey there, Cane McKeyton here. Decided to get up off my lazy bum and sign up on the FA forums. I'm just a typical furry. 18, I like to draw, converse with others furs. I'm strait (now there's something out of the ordinary) and agnostic. So yah, that pretty much sums me up. Oh, and I live in...