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  1. Vatz

    What is the species you hate the most?

  2. Vatz

    Are all furries this disgusting...?

    You don't need to cancel any and all future furry-related events.You just need to make sure the people going to said events don't fuck with you, and that if you feel uncomfortable with what's going on, you can leave. It's fucking simple.
  3. Vatz

    Are all furries this disgusting...?

    Aaaaaannnnd I laugh at you. Believe it or not, most people aren't that disgusting in the fandom. What you ran into is a little something called a minority. Ever heard of those? Also, I rate this thread a FIVE for making me laugh so hard.
  4. Vatz

    does your fursona haunt you?

    Yes. Yes. Yes. And Yes. Not just fursonas, but pretty much every major character/entity in my mind is a part of me in some way.
  5. Vatz

    Is furry a thing you are secretive about?

    Was at first. Someone found out. Thought I was a pervert. I decided I was a pervert after all. Let everyone else know. Turned bi. Let everyone else know about that too. Slowly turning gay. Not really telling everyone yet. But I'm getting to it. I don't reall hold secrets after just one...
  6. Vatz

    If you could meet and hang out with 3 CARTOON ANIMALS, who would you choose?

    Let's see. That fox from Narnia. Uhm. That's pretty much it. He's the only cartoon feral animal I can think of that I'd like to hang out with. I don't watch cartoons. Like, ever.
  7. Vatz

    Anime and furry fandom

    The cartoons that come to mind for me are more along the lines of...well...nothing. Try taking Tom Clancy books and turning them into animated features. That's what comes to mind. With *good* Western animation.
  8. Vatz

    Furry Symbol

    Easy idea for a symbol: A mother fuckin' bloody pawprint with a sword stabbing through it and flanking orange metal streaks. That's my idea.
  9. Vatz

    If you had a kid and you found out they were a furry,

    I'm not going to vote, since two answers are retarded and one is a waste of time. So I'll just post my answer. I wouldn't give a shit. Think about it. We're furries. If we have kids who are furries, and we don't want them to be furries, then we're being hypocrites. And hypocrites need to die...
  10. Vatz

    Fursuit Materials

    Don't think I'm kidding you, because I say all of this seriously. One friend of mine (who I have no idea what happened to him due to his dickwad parents finding out that he is a furry) built his out of metal and fiber-optic cables. The damn thing is fireproof and is actually really fucking...
  11. Vatz

    Preview of a new fursona

    I'm not gonna say too much, but I'll give a few details... he's based off of the T-101 from Terminator he is powered by a BWR modeled after a living heart he is a freelance mercenary and he is a fox. There. Not much, but I'll put more stuff up later.
  12. Vatz

    animals you have not seen as a fursuit? odd choices you have seen?

    I got one...a cybernetic Terminator-fox with a bulky nuclear reactor in his chest with glowign red eyes and a miniature cooling tower coming out of his back. I'm not kidding--I seriousyl want a fursuit like taht, but I don't know if it's plausible.
  13. Vatz

    Is your 'furry side' your 'softer side'?

    You're welcome.
  14. Vatz

    Is your 'furry side' your 'softer side'?

    Yep. And in addition, my Grammar-Nazi instincts are kicking in again.
  15. Vatz

    Why do furries do the CaramellDansen dance to Dota?

    I'm waiting for Chuck Norris and Bruce Lee if I can't find a G.I. Joe one. Or a BattleTech one with an Atlas-II and a MAD-CAT.
  16. Vatz

    The Christmas Wishes Thread!

    I want a fursuit/fursuits too, but no chance of that happening. Especially not a Laska suit--he's one of my fursonas, and building a fursuit of him would require finding a miniature nuclear reactor. And a way of exhaling scalding steam every time I breathe. And finding a way to carry a GPMG in...
  17. Vatz

    what an ignorant little fuck

    eww eww eww eww eww gross eww yikyikyik eww ... Wow. Just fuckin' wow. There is no excuse for that kid's idiocy.
  18. Vatz

    Why do furries do the CaramellDansen dance to Dota?

    I'm still waiting for a G.I. Joe/Commander Cobra Caramell Dansen video.
  19. Vatz

    How Many Fursonas?

    Putting a limit on the number of fursonas would serve no purpose whatsoever. I mean, I have like twenty-odd fursonas.
  20. Vatz

    Is your 'furry side' your 'softer side'?

    Why thank you so much!