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  1. burakki

    How did you end up in this fandom and what makes you stay?

    I found it through the wonders of the internet, and stayed because the people are nice, hoping to find friends, and would love a fursuit/cons. On another note, how did a skiing accident lead you to becoming a furry?
  2. burakki

    are there any straight edge furs on this site?

    I wasn't aware that such a term existed. I'm no punk, but I do stay away from all of these vices.
  3. burakki

    Favourite fursuiters/fursuits?

    I completely forgot about that. Don't Hug Cacti make freaking amazing suits. So much work put into those.
  4. burakki

    Favourite fursuiters/fursuits?

    I really like wolf/husky suits, but if I had to name one, Flux is definitely one of the best/original ones i've seen.
  5. burakki

    Warning: Depressing Thread

    I know it was mentioned before, but try to atleast receive some exercise. It may also seem ridiculous and not likely, but have you ever thought of moving somewhere far away?
  6. burakki

    Warning: Depressing Thread

    I'm not sure of your age and such, but assuming you're in the school system, any possibility you can talk to faculty? And if you're family brushes you off, try to show them you're not seeking attention. This. Exercise does wonders when i feel awful.
  7. burakki

    Warning: Depressing Thread

    But in the case you're not trolling, i'd always be happy to talk. Add me on skype and we can discuss stuff. Suicide is never a good option.
  8. burakki

    Warning: Depressing Thread

    4chan? Is this really a troll?
  9. burakki

    Any fursuiters from Pensacola, Florida?

    I'm not sure how much this will help you, but there's a yearly convention that does take place in Florida http://en.wikifur.com/wiki/Megaplex
  10. burakki

    Wolf eye contacts

    Still waiting for OP to deliver...
  11. burakki

    Digitgrade vs Plantigrade

    Thanks alot for posting pics! It's really opened my eyes a little bit more, and probably might settle me toward plantigrade a bit more. I'm really not sure how my fursuit could turn out (I'm not even close to planning/concept/everything), but I'm starting to feel that having greater mobility...
  12. burakki

    Digitgrade vs Plantigrade

    Understandable. Can't thank you enough, because you've been a great help!
  13. burakki

    Digitgrade vs Plantigrade

    Thanks for the advice Fay! I've looked around a few builders, but at the current time some of their sites/galleries/etc have been down, so as soon as they return, i'll probably be looking at tons of pictures/concepts poor me :/. Also, would you happen to recommend any of the builders you...
  14. burakki

    Digitgrade vs Plantigrade

    So for the most part, adding digitgrade onto a suit would give it a more "awesome-esque" appearance? My only concern would be how much of a difference in terms of mobility that would bring. I've never worn one of the damn things, so I can't really judge it, but from watching various suiting...
  15. burakki

    Digitgrade vs Plantigrade

    I see. I appreciate the info!
  16. burakki

    Digitgrade vs Plantigrade

    Sometime in the future I'm hoping to commission a fursuit, and I simply wanted some advice. What's the difference in terms of the feel of digitgrade fursuits versus ones that arent? I know the former makes it look more natural for canine-esque suits, and since i'd be comissioning off of my wolf...
  17. burakki

    Some sort of AIM/MSN/YIM/ICQ/Skype thread

    Hmm I don't think i actually put anything up yet. Skype: b-sandalius-d
  18. burakki

    Uncle Kage

    I'm a little late to this party, but i honestly don't know what to think. I hear both sides so many times, it's nearly impossible for me to discern who he really is without actually meeting him first. I've watched all those convention videos/panels/etc, and he does seem nice, but is it really...
  19. burakki

    What are your bad/annoying habits?

    Sorry to steal, but nail biting and procrastination.
  20. burakki

    Furry anime

    Spice & Wolf is really good, although the anime isn't entirely focused on the furry character, Holo.