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  1. Niny

    Feral Watercolours starting at $5

    Face with colours: $5 Full body sketch: $10 Full body, simple colours: $15 (middle image) Full body, with patterns $20 (left image) Additional props: +$5 negotiable Prices listed are per character. Buyer must cover the cost of postage if they want the original art sent to them. The species...
  2. Niny

    What can 10$ get me?

    Something like this, but on artists paper. http://ninykinin.deviantart.com/art/Sexy-procrastination-portraits-414934076 (excuse me for the lack of examples. Most of my art is on the higher more detailed end of the spectrum and I'm only just now opening up to the smaller jobs). also, goes...
  3. Niny

    Fast lineart $25

    I'm open to pretty much any subject matter and i'm quite accepting of peoples requests. I have experience in: ♥ human ♥ furry ♥ animals ♥ erotica ♥ fetish ♥ clean ♥ portraits ♥ pinup ♥ ect I will only be accepting jobs which I can finish quickly. This means that the style...
  4. Niny

    Having a 'name your own price' commission sale!

    Wow, you've got a great gallery! I'm surprised you're prices are so cheap (and even more surprised that I'm the first one to comment here.)
  5. Niny

    Looking for pre-poses

    I'm happy to sell my pre-posed gesture sketches if your interested in any of them. I can easily turn them into furry if thats what you're after, and I can stream the progress if you're interested in watching. The price Starts at $15, and increases with the level of detail you want to add. All...
  6. Niny

    Sketch colab commissions

    A friend of mine asked me to do some art for him, but between commissions, uni and moving house I simply don't have the time, but I don't want to keep him waiting either because he is really awesome and I owe him a favor. So i'm looking at paying someone to do the sketches for me to just get me...
  7. Niny

    Looking to Commission!

    This sounds just like my kind of thing. :) http://www.furaffinity.net/view/2962746/- Romantic couple example (NSFW, nude)
  8. Niny

    $10 art finished within a day. (examples are NSFW)

    I'm in the mood to do a few quick commissions today for $10 (75% off the normal price) fully colored with a livestream (if my comp can handle it without lagging.) All you need to do is send the reff and I'll come up with the rest- That much said, if you have any preferences for a theme let me...
  9. Niny

    Wing it speedies

    I'm in the mood to do a few quick commissions tonight for $10, fully coloured with a livestream (if my comp can handle it without lagging.) I'll only take on one at a time because I'll be going to bed soon, but anyone who misses out tonight will be first in line for next time. These are 'wing...
  10. Niny

    I'm back: Free art raffle

    I've been gone for a LONG time, but now I'm back with a shiney new wacom and 4 weeks of Uni holidays ahead of me! Unfortunately it looks like the vast majority of my watches have gone and I'm facing the very real possibility of having to start over. I've been trying to get some commissions, but...
  11. Niny

    Will throw money at you for a new reference sheet

    Hey there, I can do it for $50, fully shaded (I can do less shading if that's your preferred style) and have it ready within 24 hours. And you'll also have the option of a private livestream viewing of my progress as I go, which enables you to request changes and view those changes instantly...
  12. Niny

    CHEAP -1 Hour turn-around- FAST

    I should add, if you're viewing this as a Guest and are unable to comment you can contact me on FA (username: niny) DA (username: ninykinin) or just email me at: ninykinin@hotmail.com
  13. Niny

    CHEAP -1 Hour turn-around- FAST

    I'm in the mood to do some speedy commissions. I'll be doing them for $20, with a turnaround time of one short hour. I'll even have my screen recording so you can watch me while I make it; This means you'll be able to give live feedback and see immediate results. How cool is that?? And if...
  14. Niny

    Plastic mesh?

    Try Spotlight, they are amazing for this kind of thing! Also, they usually have some kind of deal going on so I recomend that you become a member. They'll email you with special offers and discounts- Which is great if your going to start doing fursuit commissions because you'll get your...
  15. Niny

    Wanted; Feral art

    I haven't loved a character design THIS much since I did this pic four years ago: http://ninykinin.deviantart.com/art/Splendor-Commission-105756714 (It got a Daily Dev! Woo!!!) Seriously. You have a really awesome character! I'd typically do something like this for $70.. But for a character...
  16. Niny

    Looking for tradional artists

    I LOVE this idea! I've always wanted to do one of these! I do most of my work in traditional medium, and I go to lifedrawing every week so it would provide me with a lot of great live poses to use. Pretty much all of my traditional stuff is human or feral, but I have more Anthro on my FA...
  17. Niny

    Looking for good artist who can draw reeeeallly cute pics

    $29 for something like this (You would get the original copy.) $35-50 for something like this: (Price depends on complexity of your character design)
  18. Niny

    Pictures of my fursona

    $15-$20 speed sketches: $30 For simple clean shading, no background, few details: $50-$80 for fully rendered, no background or a simple background: $100-$150 for fully rendered scene including the character & a complex background:
  19. Niny

    Drawing of my oc

    Haha, thank you! :)
  20. Niny

    Commission (Hiring) - Human Artist Needed

    Well... This sounds like fun! I specialize in Humans and I got to weekly lifedrawing sessions. 4+ hours of live art! JoePhillips style isn't very far from my own style when I'm drawing humans. Most of my humans lately have been in traditional media because of the settings I've been doing it in...