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  1. hxneybee

    Hiring: LF Someone Comfortable Drawing Horses!

    I love drawing horses, and never get the chance to draw them often! Prices: http://hxneybeecommissions.carrd.co Gonna post a horse example I've done, its a little out of date but they give you the general idea. To view a better gallery, peep my FA http://furaffinity.net/user/hxneybee or my art...
  2. hxneybee

    Hiring: Looking For Toony/Stylized Artists!

    Hi!! If you haven't found someone yet, my commissions are wide open!!! Prices and such can be found here: http://hxneybeecommissions.carrd.co Here's some of my work! More work can be found on my art Instagram: http://instagram.com/hxneybeedoodles If interested, please DM me here or on my...
  3. hxneybee

    (Base/YCH) Selling: Stuck in the Backrooms YCH - Emergency YCH

    Really need some money to help pay bills and such this month, as money is insanely tight. Info: - $85USD Flat price - PayPal or CashApp ONLY - NO holds/e-checks, please have money ready upon claiming - Flat colors - 1 slot - Quick turnaround time - Comes with classic backrooms background To...