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  1. TriggerhappyWolf

    Best concert you've ever been to?

    I've been to 2... my first was Flowbots in Chicago, it was a free concert too the second (much more epic) was Roger Waters presents the wall. the entire wall album with the full stage show. (if you dont know who this is or the album, Pink Floyd... look it up)
  2. TriggerhappyWolf


    I know it's not helping but... *points at avitar* Robots FTW.
  3. TriggerhappyWolf

    Taking First 10 Icon or Avatar Request(FREE)

    Ref. Http://www.furaffinity.net/view/3683926/ Have him holding a pistol (usp45) walking down a hall, like he's clearing it.
  4. TriggerhappyWolf

    Dominant or Submissive

    I'm half awake, go away.
  5. TriggerhappyWolf

    Dominant or Submissive

    it's not my easy using superior intelect to reduce your mind to that of a scared child, but it is fun...
  6. TriggerhappyWolf

    Post your transport!

    I had... 89 Plymouth voyager (mini van) 92 Pontiac grand am (4dr v6) 90 ford escort (2dr hatchback) 90 geo metro (4dr hatchback) Have... 03 ford explorer (2dr suv, v6)
  7. TriggerhappyWolf

    Dominant or Submissive

    Dom. Answering like the question does not involve sex, I don't like being told what to do and I don't get pushed around. I don't actually fight, but I will try to mentally hurt you (Punch holes in your logic).
  8. TriggerhappyWolf

    Ski Ball vs Air Hockey

    I doubt that. Also ski ball. As said earlier you can't hurt yourself with ski ball. Time crisis 4?
  9. TriggerhappyWolf

    A furry in need of some family advice

    I payed $75 for the dog, I trained it, and I took care of it untill she got a restraining order against me. I might hurt her since she found someone else.
  10. TriggerhappyWolf

    A furry in need of some family advice

    my family did the same thing but everything went ok, till the love of my life cheated on me. She now lives with her parents and my dog. You have to plan this out in detail. Do you make enough money to live off after rent&bills? Do you have a backup plan if something does happen? And other basic...
  11. TriggerhappyWolf

    Favourite luxury car manufacturer

    but even those sports cars have a nice level of luxury to them.
  12. TriggerhappyWolf

    NYC Car Bomber: Place Your Bets!

    we should take him and his bomb out in some field, away from everything and blow him up. It's what he wanted. make an example out of him. If you think that's going too far then what would you do with him, put him in jail for the rest of his life, using our tax money.
  13. TriggerhappyWolf

    Favourite luxury car manufacturer

    no, it doesn't. you buy a ferrari when you realize you can't enhance yourself. back to topic true luxury cars are made with whatever YOU want. You want this type of wood on the interior, armored against bombs, gold paint... Whatever you want.
  14. TriggerhappyWolf

    Favourite luxury car manufacturer

    Ferrari is a sports car NOT a luxury car. Read the question. I would have replaced AR with Cadillac. They made the "Cadillac 16" and were the leaders in luxury for a long time. Also Rolls Royce FTW. Edit: Also Ferrari, Lambo... Get torn open on speed bumps, curbs, uneven roads, and small...
  15. TriggerhappyWolf

    Furry Actors?

    voice acting is interesting I've done some (mostly radio skits at odd hours on a local station) You have to have a strong voice for it. You have to project emotion and whatever the "goal" is.
  16. TriggerhappyWolf

    What's Something You Learnt Today?

    I learned that a tank of O2 can rupture without flying like a rocket. Some idiot dropped a tank off some scafold and on impact it popped. Loud as hell, no one got hurt.
  17. TriggerhappyWolf

    Archie comics introduces gay character

    this can only end like the others.
  18. TriggerhappyWolf

    Post your meat based meals and fur/leather outfits (the fuck you PETA thread)

    I got a free peperoni pizza from 'attack of the show' yesterday.
  19. TriggerhappyWolf


    I see I'm not the only person to build one. I have the bi plane, indi car, large towtruck, the large UFO ship, the insect alien ships, the mars robots, mindstorms ( the Lego computer) and several trains (the trains are on a shelf around my room and I turn them on) As for robots I want more...
  20. TriggerhappyWolf

    Post your meat based meals and fur/leather outfits (the fuck you PETA thread)

    I once had an animal activist yell at me for working at mc donalds. "mc d's kills ##### cows a day" no the slaughter house does that. "your making everyone fat" I don't make you eat here. "the cows and chickens are abused" blame the farmers. By this point she was saying something to her friend...