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  1. Yarem4

    A Music Channel?!

    i was told that furry music was mostly techno stuff but i think this could be a good example of furry music, no?
  2. Yarem4

    'Ello everyone.

    hello there and welcome to the forums! careful when lurking 'cause you may loose your sanity out there. have a nice time :)
  3. Yarem4

    Comics staring Forum members! (FAF Adventures 3: Revolutions) (READ THE OP)

    or may be they just get a bad stomach ache the day after? not exactly the most pleasant option but a possibility if the anthro is in the more feral part of the scale.
  4. Yarem4

    things you just dont understand

    It is a fact that the population of the internet is naturally attracted to cute animals, funny animals, funny people and people that fail at life. so it's probable that the bunny picture activated the "OMGSOCUUUTE" part of their brain which would explain the high amount of hits
  5. Yarem4

    Fursona species there should be more of, less of and none of in your opinion

    would a platypus be considered a hybrid? regardless we need more!
  6. Yarem4

    Kiev Protests: Well Bugger

    I remember that once there was a revolution to overthrow the ex-president Hugo Chavez from Venezuela. it was successful and he was taken to Cuba somewhere but the guy that tried to act as a substitute tried to change all the rules in the constitution so the people said "fuk naw" and took Chavez...
  7. Yarem4

    Fabulous football players

    Well they say that winning solves everything in sports, so if he's not caught Out of Position and is not isolated by the teammates or homophobic football fans there shouldn't be any need to take him out of the Divitions
  8. Yarem4

    Have you ever googled yourself?

    i'n an avenue in LA for 5 frigging google pages and then i am a park and a small town. i'm starting to think i'm the only actual person with my name -.-
  9. Yarem4

    Greek gods as nerds...

    Some Greek gods, specially Zeus, were known to change shapes and device mortals to do they'r will... or bang some chicks (again Zeus), so it's a posibility that they could transform into nerdy looking gods/mortals, if such a term existed at the time.
  10. Yarem4

    Kiev Protests: Well Bugger

    true enough, however all this could only be done with the use of some rather violent tactics and lot's of fire. do you think any of that could be archived without the use of violence? (not the fire part mind you)
  11. Yarem4

    Fabulous football players

    lately the NFL draft Michael Sam came out of the closet (during an interview i think) and it has been stated that he is the first openly gay NFL player ( Just the first?!). so i wondered how do you think it will affect the other football gay players, the gay comunity in general, the football...
  12. Yarem4

    Human Nature

    if you don't use it you lose it i guess. which means that if there were a worldwide power out the first ones to fall would be the big societies like the USA or the UK, huh? which further proves my hypothesis that the big cities are just bombs waiting to explode.
  13. Yarem4

    Things that make you feel nervous.

    i fell asleep during math class once. i failed the 30% test the next day T_T. since that day whenever i start falling asleep in class i hit my head against the table to wake myself up... or to fall unconscious so everyone gets panicked and stop the class
  14. Yarem4

    Human Nature

    well what about the natives that live in the amazonian jungle or the small communities in Africa? those have been there for various generations without contact with the modern society. further research needed 8-l
  15. Yarem4

    Kiev Protests: Well Bugger

    well,in Venezuela, when the opposition starts to actually make some progress some armed men on motorcycles(most likely mercenaries of the government) appear and start shooting everyone. not to mention that the government actually managed to put in jail the head of the opposition with false...
  16. Yarem4

    Human Nature

    Maybe it's supresed because we don't really have need of it anymore? if that were the case, would the "human nature" take over if you were lost in the wild for a long period of time?
  17. Yarem4

    Evolution VS Creationism

    Well since horus is a god who's only information we have is from mythology and it's a fact that the ancient church adopted the 25th of December from a pagan festivity and turned into Jesusday... Nikolinni would be right
  18. Yarem4

    I might.. be... a.. FURRY! NOOOOOOOO! (jk)

    can we play children card games while riding them motorcycles? =D
  19. Yarem4

    I might.. be... a.. FURRY! NOOOOOOOO! (jk)

    or all of them! anyway welcome! have a nice stay on the random and try to make some furends...and not loosing your sanity while doing so :P