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  1. Wild_Wolf

    The Narcissism Vault - Freebie Art Requests

    Voltemand, awesome work, cant wait to see what else you come up with/ cant wait to see what you come up with for me.
  2. Wild_Wolf

    Getting to know your fellow fur: Skype

    what games do you play for PSN? and what kind of ps3 do you have? i have the 40 GB version its good but i wish i had backwards compatibility. i would give you my psn but i forgot what it is.but if you want pm me with yours and ill add you to my friends. and to stay on topic i had skype it was...
  3. Wild_Wolf

    What do furs do as jobs IRL?

    i did work at a fast food place called in n out, it was a god job but i didnt get the hours i needed
  4. Wild_Wolf

    Furs by Area Code

    949 south Orange County CA
  5. Wild_Wolf

    Return to Furryhart.

    as was said before the page is not the best the back ground and why is there a geust number counter on every page? i really dont want to know what geust number i am or how many people visit your sight along with what others said about the splash page.
  6. Wild_Wolf

    "You're Not a Furry Are You?"

    i have never been asked this but then again i just really got to know the whole furry thing last week
  7. Wild_Wolf

    Hey there

    hey welcome to the forums
  8. Wild_Wolf

    Games with Furries?

    dont know if its been said but any of the spyro games.
  9. Wild_Wolf

    Why did you choose THAT fursona?

    i chose my fursona because i feel that i relate to it more than any other animal i could think of
  10. Wild_Wolf

    What Music do furries mainly listen to?

    i listen to alot of techno some rap but just for the bass in it. i love bass anything with a good amount of bass i will listen too, and most other music, but no country!!! ever
  11. Wild_Wolf


    im 18 here
  12. Wild_Wolf

    The Narcissism Vault - Freebie Art Requests

    if you are still taking requests i would like you to maybe consider me, basically i have no real ref. art but i have a real image that i could show you that has the same color scheme that i like but one think my little avatar i kinda like the mark under his eye. but ill post a link to the image...
  13. Wild_Wolf

    How much of a furry are you?

    i would say maybe 50 percent cause i cant draw but i enjoy the whole aspect of it all and maybe oneday ill buy a fursuit.
  14. Wild_Wolf

    Taking MS paint requests!

    Name: no name as of yet Gender: Male Species: Wolf Fur Color: Black with grey, brown, and some white but more darker colors Eye Color: blueish grey Markings: black nose, tail is dark colors, some white/brown patch of fur under chin, ears are black and brownish , some white ont he chest...
  15. Wild_Wolf

    Taking MS paint requests!

    well if you want you can attempt my furry i dont really have a pic to go off of, but i feel i could maybe describe it decently. pm me if you would like the description.
  16. Wild_Wolf

    i need a new desktop

    try www.newegg.com or www.tigerdirect.com yes they are online but they have some great deal i built my own rig and i ordered almost all my parts from newegg but my mobo came for a company that is now out of business so it better not go out on me anytime soon lol. but newegg and tiger have good...
  17. Wild_Wolf

    furry closet

    well since i only really thought about it and joined this forum few days ago, i haven't told anyone and don't intend to tell anyone. to the fact that im a new furry so.
  18. Wild_Wolf

    FC 2010 Fairmont Hotel Video

    wow thats awesome cause i think im gonna end up going to college at Cal State San Jose and thats like right down the street from it.
  19. Wild_Wolf

    Overused species from your observation

    i would say wolfs or dogs are the most overused but i think that most people relate to them alot more than any other species. i mean when most people grow up as a child they often have a dog so they can relate to them more.
  20. Wild_Wolf

    Windows 7

    windows 7 awesome i have the beta installed on one of ym computers and i love it so far, i havent had any issues with it.