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    Drawing Young Characters/Babyfurs

    Your art is adorable. If you happen to have interest, I would love to see Yokka as a young'n, please. I'm still working on her personality, but I'm not really picky as to how she should be drawn. Thank you for considering. =3 http://www.furaffinity.net/full/6248971/
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    Pleased to meet you.

    Please keep your mitts on, I shall be sure to do more research next time. :V Home-cooking is the best kind of cooking since it's always diverse depending on whose home you enter. It can be a bit of a pain to obtain all the ingredients, but I'm pretty sure that so many are used because...
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    Hello, I wanted to welcome you as you welcomed me. So, welcome! ^.^

    Hello, I wanted to welcome you as you welcomed me. So, welcome! ^.^
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    Pleased to meet you.

    This_is_Tides - Thank you. =3 Sundown - Cooking is great too! What sort of things do you like to prepare? And thank you for welcoming me. Welcome to you as well ^.^ Obtuse Tail - Game? Cyanide_tiger - I apologize. It's as Thatch said, I'm not very good at picking up on random references...
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    Pleased to meet you.

    Thank you, TechnoGypsy. I've noticed some of that around the forums. I take it it's a normal occurrence to figure out what a person is like?
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    Pleased to meet you.

    Is the game that there is no game? Thank you for the welcome! Thank you! It's very snuggly looking. Does he have a name, or may I give him one? ^w^
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    Pleased to meet you.

    My name is Yokka-Yon. I usually only lurk around forums, but figured it would be polite to at least introduce myself. A bit about myself: I like to bake things like chocolate molten cake and absolutely adore cute things like stuffed animals. Though I've read the newbie threads, they don't solve...