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  1. Teckolf

    what you furries drive??

    I really want to like it but it is truly terrible. Indestructible yes but sucks to drive. The Comanche, which was spec'd damn near identical was way more fun. But alas I had to sell it to pay tuition. Fuck college. I also used to have a 76 CB550 which was awesome. But that too fell prey to...
  2. Teckolf

    what you furries drive??

    I am a cheapskate gearhead so I currently own a shit-box 89 GMC S15... The first vehicle I have owned that I actually don't like. Probably because I miss my Comanche... Also, borrowing a CBR600RR so that's fun!!!
  3. Teckolf

    Little quirks about your computer

    Not my computer but my printer recently broke in a peculiar way... If you turn it on with paper in the tray it will print out one line of hearts and smiley faces until it runs out of paper.
  4. Teckolf

    Tolerating differences.

    Well I am from a mixed race immediate family so I am definitely alright with physical differences. I am usually pretty tolerant, but I have little patience for certain traits and personality types.
  5. Teckolf

    Furries and hunting

    It is actually 6 years old. It had been necro'd twice now.
  6. Teckolf

    How long do you sleep for?

    Super Necro but an actually slightly different from typical thread. Varies. My ideal sleep pattern is 12am-7am and I tend to work well on 7 hours. I can function on 4 a night for a week or so. Catch up sleep will be 9-12 hours. Caffeine has 0 effect on my sleep pattern. Just an interesting...
  7. Teckolf

    I need a little advice, preferably from someone who is or has been in the military

    Re: I need a little advice, preferably from someone who is or has been in the militar *facepaw* Just don't bring it up on the second to last question. Not military but have spent the last 3 years at an engineering school where everywhere you turn they shove Navy down your throat. From what I...
  8. Teckolf


    I feel like this when I am without coffee for more than a few hours... Although, I do want to point out that everyone experiences symptoms of different illnesses, the severity of which is what leads to diagnoses and treatment however.
  9. Teckolf

    How furry are you?

    5/7 Would be 6/7 if I wasn't so damn broke.
  10. Teckolf

    [Serious] What Are Your Weaknesses?

    I could have wrote some of this. Also, I read A D D as Add and was thinking wow that is something really basic to put in a short list of weaknesses... A) I tend to overload myself often and easily. As such I get very anxious and worked up over projects not going as planned, or taking longer...
  11. Teckolf

    Sibling rivalry

    My brother and I have a strength rivalry. Basically, I am a big farm boy, strong but slow and not particularly fit. He is adopted and is very fit and quick, but small with a lot less brute strength. But we all know I am the stronger one...
  12. Teckolf

    Do you tend to use the same username for everything?

    If you yell any name loud enough I will respond. Large family, Ma could never remember my name...
  13. Teckolf

    What's your dream job?

    A paying one... In all seriousness I want to start doing small scale manufacturing.
  14. Teckolf

    Making a car your "own" through bits and bobs, etc

    I do not currently because the current whip is mega lame... A whopping 92 hp... Although I did haul a parts truck that weighed more than it back home. Scariest shit ever.
  15. Teckolf

    Meeting furries in the wild.

    I mean I went to EWC and met a few people. Other than that I have only ever ran into bronies.
  16. Teckolf

    Making a car your "own" through bits and bobs, etc

    I always buy really crappy, jalopy, pickups. Then I fix them up and call them mine. Usually with a camo headliner, rustoleum paint job, and various other repairs.
  17. Teckolf

    Help! Find me a laptop!

    Email LaptopExperience http://www.laptopexperience.com/ . He sells used and refurbished off lease business laptops. I got my engineering laptop from him last year and it has been great. I use it for running analyses and 3d solid modeling, both of which are more hardware intensive than most art...
  18. Teckolf

    Megaplex 2015

    Depends where I am in the U.S., I will hit one of three cons this year hopefully. Either Califur, BLFC, or Megaplex.
  19. Teckolf

    Anybody On Here Straight Edge?

    I know. Just making a point. I found it interesting that literally anyone, and usually not who you would expect, could be a dealer. I would say that the only consistent trend is that it is usually 20-30 something males selling. Once had a lab T.A. ask to buy drugs from me. Other than that a...
  20. Teckolf

    Anybody On Here Straight Edge?

    I am white but come from a mixed race family... Anyway, just as many majorities are selling drugs as minorities in my experience.