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  1. devils


    im right outside of Chicago
  2. devils

    i accept requests

    Can you just draw my fursona pawwing off and cumming. here's what i look like http://furry4life.ning.com/photo/2276543:Photo:20248?context=user he also has white chest fur.
  3. devils

    New Year's Resolution... already?

    keep my grades up in school, get a part-time job at Petco, Tell my parents that im gay
  4. devils

    have u met any furs in real life?

    i've only met one and we've met up three times already and we're planing on meeting up for a long time
  5. devils

    Did the fandom make you Gay/Bi?

    i realized that i was gay about three years before i found the fandom. i never really had any attraction to females, even though i had to lie to my friends because i didn't want them to find out. the fandom just gave me a new way to express it and feel open about it when i can't be around my...
  6. devils

    Furs by Area Code

    708 for me here in IL
  7. devils

    Taking Requests

    do you think you could draw me, heres what i look like http://furry4life.ning.com/photo/2276543:Photo:20248?context=user thanks, i'll leave pose and stuff up to you
  8. devils

    trades and requests, gimme some

    oh, can you do one of me (http://furry4life.ning.com/photo/2276543:Photo:20248?context=user ) and with my mate (he's just a normal fox) on his back, his legs on my shoulder while i give it to him.
  9. devils

    Throw some requests at me plzkthx

    can you draw me please, heres what i look like http://www.myfursona.com/image/7631 i'll leave the pose up to you
  10. devils

    Taking Requests

    can you draw me please, here's what i look like http://furry4life.ning.com/photo/photo/show?id=2276543%3APhoto%3A20248
  11. devils

    Oh Gawd. I've been lazy again.

    can you draw me, here's what i look like http://furry4life.ning.com/photo/photo/show?id=2276543%3APhoto%3A19284 thanks
  12. devils

    Requests, Anyone?

    can you draw my fursona, its just a wolf with light blue. i'll give you free reign over pose and such. thanks
  13. devils

    Taking Requests! :D

    can you draw my fursona for me, its just a wolf with light blue fur. i'll let you put him in any pose that you want. i would appreciate it. oh and where in Chicago do you live, you might be close to me
  14. devils

    Furries at School.

    none that I've found, then again I'm shy. i figure there might be one or two in my high school, there are 3,000 students. if anyone reading this lives in Oak Park/River Forest, Illinois or lives in or around the city of Chicago. let me know.
  15. devils

    Anyone in your family know you're a furry?

    first of all, welcome to the site Hydramon (yea im to lazy to go to the intro thread) lets just say that my twin brother doesn't even know im a furry, although i think he's on too, he just doesn't know it. my parents don't know, but i could probably tell them and they would accept it, my dad...
  16. devils

    Free drawins!!

    can you just do a simple drawing of my fursona, its a wolf with light blue fur and one green/one blue eyes. pretty simple. i'll give you freedom to put him in any pose, i really don't care. i would greatly appreciate it.
  17. devils

    Furries with furries

    i don't know if it counts as yes or not, but i use to have a pet. we had to put her down three years ago because of sickness. i miss her dearly, she was a chocolate lab.
  18. devils


    im really lonely, please tell me there are other furs who live in Illinois by the way im in Oak Park, a suburb right outside of Chicago
  19. devils

    Sick of the furry stigma!

    oh god that video pissed me off, i hate how people always generalize metal with satan and death. its the same way with the fandom, i fucking hate it when people generalize, if you don't know the whole story, then don't say anything about it, thats what i think. just because you saw some picture...
  20. devils

    Furs by Area Code

    708 for me