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  1. SpaderG


    Where can I get a good flash animation tool minus the 500$ price tag?
  2. SpaderG


    I see a good many Flash artists out there, but one thing bothers me. How can you get into Flash animation with the 500$ price tag attached?? Adobe charges a buttload of money for this. Any other animation tool I find is not what I need, and still has an exuberant price tag. So what to do?
  3. SpaderG

    school furry haters?

    Heh...the only furry I know of at my school is the morbidly obese kid known as "Shamu" or "Mr.Nipples" who looks at furry porn out in the open on the school's computers. He introduced me to this site, but there is no way I'll talk to him about it.
  4. SpaderG

    Sketch Test

    Thaaaaaanks. One problem I have with acting out poses is the fact that I can't see myself.
  5. SpaderG

    Sketch Test

    Asking for opinions/ sarcasm please. I just wanna know how I'm doing.
  6. SpaderG

    Sketch Test

    http://www.furaffinity.net/view/1439561/ Does this work?
  7. SpaderG

    Sketch Test

  8. SpaderG

    Sketch Test

    This is one of my first few drawings since my art skills have begun to dramatically improve. No, It's not furry, since I still don't trust myself to draw faces yet. Anyways, while I want comments, I also want to see If anyone else can see this sketch. When I uploaded it, it shows up as the red X...
  9. SpaderG

    disillusionment, inquiry

    Here's my post of agreement.
  10. SpaderG

    This is going too far !

    Call animal control and explain the situation to them SLOWLY. I have the same problem where I live (the guys down the street even have dog fights).
  11. SpaderG

    revenge of the "draw the person above you thread"

    Re: revenge of the "draw the person above you thread" Hrm.... I see more talking than drawing. I should participate a bit. (though my scanner's broken, so expect results) Very good practice for my lack of artistic skill....
  12. SpaderG

    Rat People

    Hmmmm....Beggar Lords. Read something similar in The Haunting of Alizebel Cray. Sounds like a homeless shelter with thugs.
  13. SpaderG

    Starting a furry store

    What's SA? Sounds like a government agency...
  14. SpaderG

    Why are you a furry? (new thread)

    Judgeing by the quality of typing I've seen, I'd say some people probrably type with their elbows.
  15. SpaderG

    My fursona...

    No, that's bleach.
  16. SpaderG

    Rat People

  17. SpaderG

    Muscle Growth

    That sounds....