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  1. Aq Bars

    How to be a furry

    Motion for sticky? =D
  2. Aq Bars

    The New Userpage Gallery

    Are you serious? Drop the damn search function already, its disappearance has been explained to death by staff, and it's not coming back. Deal with it.
  3. Aq Bars

    Where have they gone...

    I'm sure it's pretty clear to anyone who's been on any forum at least a month that fairly prolific posters seem to disappear. People who seemed to post a lot just vanished, for a number of reasons. Sometimes they come back, sometimes not. In particular, on this forum, I've noticed the absence...
  4. Aq Bars

    Where and How did you meet your mate?

    A word of warning. The internet isn't the best place to meet significant others. I'm in a relationship tht started on the internet, and 7 months later we have a healthier relationship than any of my friends in real life. So yes, it can work out great. But know what you're getting into. Be aware...
  5. Aq Bars

    I guess I should be polite and do this.

    I thought I recognized that name. :) Welcome to the forums Immelmann, it's cool to have you here. You should stick around, this is definitely one of the better furry forums out there. I know that's not saying much, but still...
  6. Aq Bars

    The New Userpage Gallery

    I like it, you're right when you say the mouse-over thing was glitchy. It was annoying. The timestamps were kind of useful for stalkage-related purposes, but I don't think I'm going to miss them much.
  7. Aq Bars

    Where and How did you meet your mate?

    ...I don't have a mate, I have a boyfriend. He was introduced to me by a close friend who met him while travelling. At least, that's the, uh, "official" story. <_< >_>
  8. Aq Bars

    "IRL furry" potential problems

    There would almost certainly be widespread racism. (speciesism?) And what if you had antlers? They'd get caught in door, you couldn't wear hats, fitting in a car would be problematic, and they'd just generally be awkward and cumbersome.
  9. Aq Bars

    Losing your virginity.

    I'm not quite sure, I'm a borderline case. I'll have an answer as soon as I can sort out in my mind what "counts" as sex.
  10. Aq Bars


    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aq_Bars Names aren't really that important to me, I just chose that one out of the necessity of having a screen name, and it fit. And because Q's without U's are badass.
  11. Aq Bars

    Weight?chool requires

    Haven't weighed recently, but last time I was around 145, so I'm probably closer to 150-ish now. I've started making a conscious effort to exercise more, so it shouldn't be too long before I'm back down to 140 :3
  12. Aq Bars

    if you woke up as your furry...

    I'd probably go into hiding so I didn't get picked up and taken to a research facility. (This must be that cycle I've heard so much about, next thread will be "What if everyone but you was a furry?")
  13. Aq Bars

    LOL, Furry Precentages

    A lot of people I know started as more popular fursonas, just out of a perceived neede for a fursona. They didn't really care what they were, as long as they had fur, a tail, and genitals. Later on they migrated to species that better suited them or they liked better. For example, I went from...
  14. Aq Bars

    Gaza Strip?

    Pretty much. But of course the US will see that there are absolutely no repurcussions for Israel. osnap
  15. Aq Bars

    Subby or Dom?

    Really? I have such stories to tell you, traveller.
  16. Aq Bars

    Seven Deadly Sins! (which is yours?)

    Envy, envy, envy. I'm envious of nearly everyone I know, and my inferiority complex doesn't help. "Cancerous" accurately decribes envy. If I let it, it takes over and occupies all my thoughts, dictates to me how I think and act.
  17. Aq Bars

    iPods // Spawn of the Devil

    I got an iPod for Christmas. I'm not about to complain about a free mp3 player. If (when) it breaks when the warranty is up, I may consider Zune.
  18. Aq Bars

    Do you poop with the door open when alone?

    No, because ever since I was a kid I've had this bizarre, irrational sort of paranoia that causes me to panic if I'm ever in the bathroom without the door locked.
  19. Aq Bars

    Gaza Strip?

    It's like Bill O'Reilly made an FAF account.
  20. Aq Bars

    Gaza Strip?

    I don't think you quite grasp what you're talking about here. I had you in mind when I made that post, by the way.