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  1. Psi Xen

    Mass Effect 2: Great Game, Or GREATEST Game?

    Welp, just finished the first game. (20 hours in all) Just played the first few minutes of the next game and I'm very impressed. Also, I hear there's alot of issues with the DLC and the downloadable armor. You have to link your gamertag with your EA account to get the armor and the DLC and...
  2. Psi Xen

    Mass Effect 2: Great Game, Or GREATEST Game?

    I'm planning on pre-ordering it tomorrow hopefully. Right now, I'm playing the first one. I bought it about a year ago, but I couldn't get pass Feros twice or so and didn't wanna go back and play those 3 hours again. So I sold it at Gamestop. I've borrowed this game from a friend since Mass...
  3. Psi Xen

    What Colour?

    I guess I would first pick the middle one. The second rank is the one on the left. And last is the one on the right.
  4. Psi Xen

    Do dog's have special abilities??

    Well, my dog has the ability to -speak Spanish -duel-wield chainsaws -disguise himself as any household object in my house -has a radiation resistance of +75 -and is completely non-existent considering that I have two cats
  5. Psi Xen

    Opinions on huMan story and others

    Please post a link to all your writings. Thank you.
  6. Psi Xen

    What was the last movie that you looked at with your eyes or maybe just heard?

    Terminator: Salvation was a pretty good movie. Had a lot of callbacks to the previous movies which was a major plus. But what gets me is why do the terminators have to throw their targets around. Instead, wouldn’t it be more efficient to just grab their target and snap their necks. I guess...
  7. Psi Xen

    Games no one but you seem to like

    I love Final Fantasy VIII. Way more than Final Fantasy VII. I don't know why, but the cartoonish models and the story is not doing it for me. And I spent forty dollars buying that game from eBay. I might get to playing that again, but then again maybe not. To contribute: I loved Nuclear...
  8. Psi Xen

    ...a little naming help?

    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Glossary_of_musical_terminology Well, here's a glossary that may help your search for a name.
  9. Psi Xen

    Two takes on one story: Which is better?

    I have to really say that the second version is very well written. It does catch my attention with it's first sentence and beginning paragraph and holds it to the very end. For the first version, it doesn't really catch my attention at first but starts to at the end. But I would pick the...
  10. Psi Xen

    Two takes on one story: Which is better?

    Oh, okay. I've got it now.
  11. Psi Xen

    Two takes on one story: Which is better?

    Is there a reason why when I click the link, it says 'you are not allowed to view this image?'
  12. Psi Xen

    Any pets in your house?

    Just 2 cats. The older one won't stop pawing at the cat food bag when she already has food in her bowl. Plus she refuses to each when the other one is eating at the same time. (We feed them with a food and water bowl combo, but we just put food in both.) The younger one meows a lot. I...
  13. Psi Xen

    Your Scariest Gaming Moments...

    I completely agree with this. In fact, it still freaks me out whenever a creature of the Capital Wastelands creeps up on me and bites a chunk of flesh out of me.
  14. Psi Xen


    Welcome to the forums. Happy posting.
  15. Psi Xen

    got a few Q's

    1. No, not all furries are gay. 2. I don't really see a question for this one. Just pick whatever fursona fits you. 3. I wouldn't know how to acquire a suit. Someone else will help you on this.
  16. Psi Xen

    Bioengineering, Body-mods, and Genetic Manipulation

    Yes, true. Also the book Neuromancer introduced a lot of other possibilities.
  17. Psi Xen

    Bioengineering, Body-mods, and Genetic Manipulation

    Genetic modifications and the such can have more cons than pros. I think a more plausible idea would be cybernetic bodies, but then again this would involve removing the brain from the original organic body and encasing the brain with computer hardware. But this also provides many moral and...
  18. Psi Xen

    What is the strangest thing you have ever been given?

    My mother just loves to give me random purchases she buys at thrift stores. My favorite and strangest has to be a ceramic bank that is molded to look like a balding fat guy taking a dump. It even came with ceramic feces. I don't put any money in it but it's still funny as hell.
  19. Psi Xen

    Attention: All Horses [animal legs for humans]

    A bit odd and a bit interesting. Also, what are it's uses? You'd have to get used to how to walk with it properly. Also, if you fall, it would be hell to get up. You would have to ask someone for help. Thinking of this just makes me laugh.
  20. Psi Xen

    Some Workings of My Inner Thoughts

    Nice work. Not bad.