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  1. Janglur

    Image/Thumbnail Problems: FA Images will Not Load... Security Certificate Error?

    I have restarted, it doesn't work. Pictures appear only sporatically, more often they don't appear at all. The problem also occurs on Firefox. Advice?
  2. Janglur

    Heavily degrading mainsite response. (server processing?)

    Yak wouldn't correct spelling, he'd just throw people into a woodchipper.
  3. Janglur

    Connection Issues: Extreme Lag

    I don't have any lag, really, just that absolutely no images load on FA. No ads, no pictures, no thumbnails, avs, nothing. Absolutely nothing.
  4. Janglur

    Image/Thumbnail Problems: FA Images will Not Load... Security Certificate Error?

    I, also, am having this problem using both Chrome and Firefox. Images aren't loading, any images, at all. Like the entire image DB is down or something. This is the second day i've had this problem now.
  5. Janglur

    FA down?

    Still down for me.
  6. Janglur

    FA down?

    That's more how I react if Google goes offline. Which I beleive has happened.... once? Ever?
  7. Janglur

    FA down?

    Connection timeout Your request for http://www.furaffinity.net/ could not be fulfilled, because the connection to www.furaffinity.net ( timed out. This is often a temporary failure, so you might just try again. Been getting this for the past hour. Doesn't seem to affect...
  8. Janglur

    F5 bug NOT FIXED!

    http://forums.furaffinity.net/threads/107731-F5-Exploit-Resolved This particular closed post claims the bug is fixed. Weellll: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/janglur/ Clearly not. I can spam myself with impunity! So, thusly: http://youtu.be/1Isjgc0oX0s
  9. Janglur

    Connection Issues: Site's down?

    If that were true, my house would explode.
  10. Janglur

    Connection Issues: Site's down?

    I figured it would be relevent as our timeframes and info weren't the same. I began experiencing it *before* others who were still using the site fine. Also, I confirmed it appears to be wide-scale or global, as it's in Iowa, Washington, North Carolina, and Taxas.
  11. Janglur

    Connection Issues: Site's down?

    Herp de derp. White screen, no HTML/text. No error. NO CONTENT! OH MY GOD FA HAS NO CONTENT! FA USER NAME: Janglur Where Error occured: Anywhere Steps I took: Refreshed browser, cleared browser, tried another browser, tried another computer, contacted a friend in washington to try (i'm...
  12. Janglur

    Cub pr0n / whatever filter

    Dead horse topic.
  13. Janglur

    I can't "this"

    I must LOL that Dragoneer fav'd every single reply in this thread. He's such a sneaky guy. >=3
  14. Janglur

    New FA looks exactly like steam & DA?! WTF!!

    It's fugly. 'Nuff said.
  15. Janglur

    Antivirus Soft help

    AVG, Avast, and Kaspersky seem to be the go-to guys. Only use Norton/Symantec and McAfee if you don't value your data, don't care if it slows your PC to a crawl, and don't intend to ever actually get a virus, because they won't help if you do.
  16. Janglur

    Computer Help

    Pirated copy of Vista has encountered an error. Please reinstall legitimate $100 copy of Vista or Win7.
  17. Janglur

    Anyone know of a Good Screen Recorder?

    Fraps and Camstudio are the only half-assed programs i've EVER been able to find these days. They work pretty good and are authentically free.
  18. Janglur

    Can't play MP4s

    Nope. =/ I'm completely stumped on this.