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  1. Nollix

    Asus motherboards hate me

    Try a different CPU/try that CPU in another mobo. Other than that, if you reset all the jumpers and nothing worked then you're fucked.
  2. Nollix

    Starcraft 2!!

    You don't *have* to be connected to B.net to play singleplayer, there's a play offline option like on steam. However, you can't get achievements and such.
  3. Nollix


    Hackers? That's why you play closed Battle.net, open makes it trivial to cheat since it uses your clientside character data.
  4. Nollix

    Tinychat doesn't like ubuntu

    Why are you using Ubuntu if you don't understand "programmer speak"? Barely anything in Linux works flawlessly out of the box. If you want things to just work without having to mess around with a command line, use Windows or OSX.
  5. Nollix


    Having played both games extensively, I can safely say anyone who prefers WoW has never played Diablo. WoW is full of dumb assholes and basically has the shittiest community in gaming history. At least you can solo Diablo.
  6. Nollix

    iPhone Plans?

    iPhones are for assholes.
  7. Nollix

    Ohhhh yeah...I remember now

    I'm guessing it doesn't know what a "grammer" is, either. Oh okay, now I understand that you're a moron.
  8. Nollix


    Oh sweet Jesus, someone's spreading MALWARE??? OVER IM!?!? SHUT. DOWN. EVERYTHING.
  9. Nollix

    I've been thinking of making a machinima for a while, need help.

    I don't think you understand how game engines work. You have a while to go before you start making machinimas tldr: lern2computer
  10. Nollix

    My video card is not working

    You're fucked. (Re)install gent---Windows.
  11. Nollix

    Ubuntu, fan settings

    Which fan? There's lots of fans in your computer.
  12. Nollix

    help >.<

    I was gonna help but then I didn't.
  13. Nollix

    I need a C++ compiler.

    What net-cat said. Also, GCC is good, but the documentation is lacking. Since you're probably gonna come back and ask what IDE to use, I prefer Eclipse, though it's a little annoying to set up at first.
  14. Nollix

    Dragon Age II

    Wait, what? I thought Bioware is forcing you to use a name, Hawke or something. Because that's a totally radicool name and it'll appeal to the dumb bros that got ME2. This really pisses me off because in DAO, you really felt like your character was yours, whereas in ME1/2 you felt like you were...
  15. Nollix

    FA Directory organizer script

    Stuff like that is pretty much what regex+perl was made for. Go for it.
  16. Nollix

    F%&kin Computer dies.

    He's a moron and so are you for believing that stupid bullshit that he spewed.
  17. Nollix

    Dragon Age II

    Stop talking about how shitty Halo is and start talking about how shitty DA2 is gonna be. For fucks sake.
  18. Nollix

    Power Unit fried its self

    Out of curiosity, what kind of rig are you running that would possibly require a 750w Corsair?
  19. Nollix

    I'm building an AMD machine and I need a CPU cooler

    You don't know what you're talking about.
  20. Nollix

    Dragon Age II

    It's dumbed down bullshit, ala Mass Effect 2.