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  1. Zitholkt

    NYOP Icons

    Name your own price icons. Here are examples of a lot of previous icons (link). They'll all be on par with these two, though: (link) (link). Name your own price, but nothing lower than $2. If you go $10 or more, they'll be lineless like these two(unless you tell me not to): (link)...
  2. Zitholkt

    $10 moodsets, offer ends November 8!

    50 icon custom moodsets! Normally $25 now only $10. Limited time only. Grab them while you can. They will not be offered at this price again. No slot limits. Examples: Kite(deer) Tatonka(bison) Azaleah(gila monster) Wyngaed Raccoon Wolverine Red Panda Saire(snow leopard/ram...
  3. Zitholkt

    $1 bookmarks, keychains, stickers, and cards

    I have a lot of extra's from a craft sale that went on a bit ago, so I'm selling them cheap just to get rid of 'em. Every single thing listed is only $1. Shipping will be free with a purchase of 3 or more items. $.50 for anything less. PM, note, or email me( zitholkt[at]gmail[dot]com ) if...
  4. Zitholkt

    Half-Price Commissions

    From now until Midnight Saturday night, all commissions are half-off. Take half-off the base prices listed here: http://www.furaffinity.net/journal/426541/ (flat color icons are not offered in this deal) Note me or email me ( zitholktATgmailDOTcom ) with the subject line "Half Price...
  5. Zitholkt

    Looking for Artist/s

    Thanks for all the help guys. Found an artist to do this particular commission, but I'm keeping y'all in mind for a few other ideas I have. It'll just take a bit to come up with the money again. Hopefully y'all are still open by that time. n_n
  6. Zitholkt

    Looking for Artist/s

    Looking for someone who would have no problem with drawing an anime character for a commission. Eruka Frog from Soul Eater: (link) She doesn't have to be drawn anime style. It just has to LOOK like her, ya know? And drawn with Dar: (link) So... if anyone could recommend to me any...
  7. Zitholkt

    Icons, Moodsets, Bookmarks

    Normal Icons - $5. Example One, Two, Three Lineless Icons - $15. Example One, Two Beans/Chibi's - Flat color = $6. Shaded = $9 Examples Nine Extreme Close-Up Bookmarks - $10 (sturdy laminate, free shipping) Examples One, Two, Three Moodsets. 25 icons = $12. 50 icons = $20...
  8. Zitholkt

    Attending FurJam? Get art from me! Plus, Moodset Commissions are OPEN

    Hello all! For those of you thinking of attending FurJam, I am doing the character work for the badges provided through the FurJam website( link ). Characters are drawn in my chibi/bean style, with your choice of either flat coloring or with shading. You may order your badges directly...
  9. Zitholkt

    $8 Badges

    Fixed the links.
  10. Zitholkt


    I do draw dragons. n_n
  11. Zitholkt

    Looking for Someone who does Reference Sheet Commissions

    Closed. Found a couple. Thanks for looking.
  12. Zitholkt


  13. Zitholkt

    Looking for Someone who does Reference Sheet Commissions

    Specifically looking for someone who can draw a wolverine, anthros, and is decent with clothing. Front and back view in nude(must not be against drawing male genitalia) and one clothed. Open mouth shot to show tongue. Possibly a close up of the eyes to show he has no pupils. If you do them...
  14. Zitholkt


    Head-Shot Sketches - $2.00 a piece. Shipped to you for an extra $3. $4 international. Examples: Kep, Harli, Garr Conbadges - $8. Shipped to you free within the continental U.S. Examples: Black-Jack, Lixa. Option of clip(as shown above) or black lanyard. Please specify which one you'd like...
  15. Zitholkt

    $8 Badges

    Two different styles to choose from. Style 1 - (link) Style 2 - (link) Shipping is free within the continental U.S. Email, PM or comment if interested.
  16. Zitholkt

    $1.34 DETAILED digital sketches!

    Aiee. You did such a wonderful job. On ALL of them. I love 'em. Thank you. n_n
  17. Zitholkt

    $1.34 DETAILED digital sketches!

    No worries. n_n Payment sent.
  18. Zitholkt

    $1.34 DETAILED digital sketches!

    !!! I'll take a few sketches if you're still open. Mokodi(saluki) http://zitholkt.net/art/images/a_mokodi_reference.jpg in red? Dar(wolverine) http://zitholkt.net/art/images/a_dar_reference.jpg in grey? Zcorr(boston terrier) http://zitholkt.net/art/images/a_zcorr_reference.jpg in...
  19. Zitholkt

    Badges, Icons, Moodsets, Chibi's, etc.

    Icons 1 Character: $5.50 - Example One, Two 2 Characters: $7.00 - Example One, Two, Three Beans/Chibi's Style 1: $5.00 - Example One, Two, Three Style 2: $4.00 - Example One, Two Badges $11.00 - Example One, Two ACEO Single character only. $7.00 - Example One, Two Moodsets Set of 25: $15...
  20. Zitholkt

    Icons and Moodsets

    Bumpin'. Still open for these type of commissions. ALSO! If you would like any of them animated(something simple, like blinking, sticking the tongue out, panting, shaking) I will do so at $1.10 per icon. You are not limited to a certain number at this point, you may choose any in the 50.