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  1. Mr. Platypus


    *waves webbed foot, hands you coffee* You sound like a dedicated caffeine head...my type of critter. :) Welcome back to the forums, and enjoy yourself.
  2. Mr. Platypus

    HI...I am new.......

    *waves webbed foot, hands you coffee* Welcome to the forums. There are a lot of computer oriented sorts around here, so I think you will definitely enjoy yourself here.
  3. Mr. Platypus


    *waves webbed foot, hands you coffee* Seriously, turn back while you can or you might end up warped and twisted like the rest of us! :D If the smiley didn't give it away, I'm kidding...welcome to the forums.
  4. Mr. Platypus


    *waves webbed foot, hands you coffee* Far better than anything I can muster- good stuff in your gallery. Welcome to the forums and do enjoy your stay.
  5. Mr. Platypus


    *waves webbed foot, hands you coffee* Welcome to the forum. Some are nice, some are not so nice...you'll get a feel of who's who and what's what soon enough. All else fails, the Ignore function is a wonderful thing! :D
  6. Mr. Platypus

    Hi, I'm Samantha!

    *waves webbed foot, hands you coffee* The coffee will help you pummel the teenage fox critter you live with. :) Welcome to the forums, and do enjoy your stay Samantha.
  7. Mr. Platypus

    ello ^^

    *waves webbed foot, hands you coffee* Your Japanese is much better than mine. I can ask you if you want milk, or orange, say good morning, or throw out "baka", but beyond that, lost in a sea of language that makes me think I haven't had enough coffee. Welcome to the forums, and do enjoy. And...
  8. Mr. Platypus

    hello im new!!

    Brain will always reference the name of the lead female character in my all time favorite anime, Star Blazers (Space Cruiser Yamato for the sticklers.) Secondary reference will be to exploding stars. *hands you coffee* Hello to you, and welcome to the forums.
  9. Mr. Platypus

    Farovite movie(s)?

    Dr. Strangelove. The cast is absolutely incredible, the humor is just dark, and it reminds me of high school (I graduated from a high school that was featured in National Geographic because our school symbol is a mushroom cloud.) Labyrinth. Excellent cast, masterful puppets, awesome music- I...
  10. Mr. Platypus


    *waves coffee, hands you webbed foot* Wait a minute. Strike that, reverse it. (Sorry, Slugworth reference threw me into a Gene Wilder moment.) :) A most interesting choice of species. Welcome to the forums, and do enjoy your stay. I imagine a slug will provide much entertainment.
  11. Mr. Platypus

    HI there ^__^

    *waves webbed foot, hands you coffee* Coffee= art fuel. Also fuels anime benders, late night rantings about politics, learning the game of Go, and the modern workforce :). You can have as much as you want as it's one thing I'm never without...ever. Welcome to the forums, I hope your enjoy...
  12. Mr. Platypus

    G'day~ :3

    *waves webbed foot, hands you coffee* A Japanese translator is a wonderful thing to aspire to be. I myself would just be happy to understand half the anime I watch as I know I'm losing a lot in the translation. Besides, I think I would appreciate the new Darker Than Black series that's coming...
  13. Mr. Platypus

    Hello all

    *waves webbed foot, hands you coffee* The coffee goes well with the jelly babies. Trust me on this. :) Welcome to the forums, and do enjoy your stay. Come to think about it, I'm from Middle Earth.....okay, well, 60 feet deep burrows may not be the middle, but I'm working on it. Need to keep...
  14. Mr. Platypus

    Click here... You know you want to.

    *waves webbed foot, hands you coffee* Dragons, and wolves, and felines, oh my! :) I'm starting to feel like an outcast here. Welcome to the forums, and do enjoy your stay. Please, no fire breathing if that's what your species of dragon does....I do not want to even imagine what I would smell...
  15. Mr. Platypus

    Hey guys

    The days are quiet, the night is when most of us come out of hiding to pillage and plunder. I think I would enjoy the life of a viking actually, but for some reason lighting everything on fire and lobbing people to bits is considered bad form in most countries. Really sucks in my opinion. :) I...
  16. Mr. Platypus


    It would be even more joyous if your cat had hurled two feet! Hell, I'd be impressed....slightly concerned, but impressed. :) And my compliments on your nick- definitely one of the more....interesting (volatile, painting of really bad visuals, reminder of what Taco Bell and Starbucks does to...
  17. Mr. Platypus

    Hi I Never Introduced my Avian Self Here

    *waves webbed foot, hands you coffee* An avian huh? Haven't encounter too many of those, but the ones I have encountered are just righteous. I like the flying ones (I have the features of a duck, but I'm confused on things, but that's another story.) Welcome to the forums and enjoy yourself...
  18. Mr. Platypus


    *waves webbed paw, hands you coffee* Welcome to the forums. Nothing to be shy about...it's a little weird at first, then you start to relax and get comfy. The coffee will get you gabbing, and you'll be right as rain from there. :) Also, I like your tastes- old movies and television are...
  19. Mr. Platypus

    Hello, there

    *waves webbed foot, hands you coffee* Coffee is good for furry, and non-furry, types alike. :) Welcome to the forums Anna....hope we can provide the insight into our world that you seek.
  20. Mr. Platypus

    Favorite weather

    Fall. Overcast, rain, when you can smell the fire places, and you don't care to do anything other than sit back, sip fine hot chocolate (cause the cheap shit is just blah), and read a good book. It's also one of the two seasons out of the year I don't have to explain why I'm anti-social. :) Oh...