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  1. CatalinaTamiko

    If you use it, why do you use firefox?

    It scans for phishing....oh wait you said that in a second post. anyway yea it scans all my e-mails and sites for phishing. also eliminated pop-ups so much better than IE ever could have.
  2. CatalinaTamiko

    If you use it, why do you use firefox?

    cuz it scans everything that comes in, alerts me when something tries to get in without my permission, and lets me keep a page open without telling it to keep the page open. IE seems to want to close if i go AFK for more than 30 sec.
  3. CatalinaTamiko

    My Coloring Contests

    its a great idea. I wont take part as i dont have a scanner and a digital camera only makes the pic come out like crap. But i support this idea. It sounds good. Lost of peole hold these kinds of contests.
  4. CatalinaTamiko

    My gallery is empty.

    #42 underwear my fursona showing of her undies. something lacy i think. here is ref: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/3639537/ if not #42 than can i please have #15. just make her face really pissed off.
  5. CatalinaTamiko

    On The Increasingly Agitating Subject Of Pricing Your Art

    see i have to say the same. even $5 an hour is outrageous. I usually draw slowly, taking 2 hours at a time to do a simple sketch. even the best artists take time on some pics. $10 an hour is about as insane a price as paying for car repairs. I think time is a small factor in price unless...
  6. CatalinaTamiko

    What gives you the motivation to draw?

    motivation comes from distraction for me. The more distractions the better. Like if i want to draw something really good, i start an argument, while reading a book and blasting some crappy music
  7. CatalinaTamiko

    need an artist for a simple pic

    this is a simple sketch pic. the details of price can be discussed in PM or YIM this pic is a sketch of a character of mine and a friend's character. the two are mates. mine is a transsexual cat/dalmatian mix. Her character is a husky/dalmatian mix. this is a mated pair. anyone interested...
  8. CatalinaTamiko

    Requests for practice

    ok i got one if you like this. My fursona Catalina, sitting alone at a bar. a drink in one paw, a smoke in the other. http://www.furaffinity.net/view/3639537/ i would prefer black and white but if you want to color i can provide a color ref too
  9. CatalinaTamiko

    Trade or requests?

    im up for a trade if you want a story. I wont bug you for free art. i do that enough with everyone else. anyway i have a feline fursona. tiger/panther mix. female. normal colors, but kind of an odd pattern at times. interested?
  10. CatalinaTamiko

    100 Themes/50 Days

    thanks so much
  11. CatalinaTamiko

    100 Themes/50 Days

    #48 please. Red. because this is the only color that my character will wear. Catalina - design: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/3639537/ coloring: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/3776486 she is a tiger/panther hybrid....gray fur with black stripes and black hair. Blue eyes. white neck...
  12. CatalinaTamiko

    Who can draw a Giraffe?

    try this guy. he uses them alot from what i see. and a lot means....more than like 50 pics http://www.furaffinity.net/user/kadath/
  13. CatalinaTamiko

    Sheba's Art Contest , enter to win jewelry

    its an interesting offer to say the least. but i have a big work load already. and with my scanner crapped out. im at my wits end with art. But i'll keep an eye open. I like to see other styles so this is an unusual opportunity.
  14. CatalinaTamiko

    Requests and Comissions!

    thats fine. I understand completely. guns are not exactly the easiet thing in the world to do. if you decide you cant i can come up with something much simpler than a gun for you.
  15. CatalinaTamiko

    Requests and Comissions!

    i would like to make a request. this is my fursona. this might sound unusual but here goes. the pose is of her in mid jump to the side, a pistol in her right paw aiming right at the viewer. her dress is torn in some places like it was ripped in a fight. the image is in bullet time, so there...
  16. CatalinaTamiko

    Who is this artist?

    i saw that image! a long time ago when FAP was still running. i cant remember the name of the artist. I have seen that image. Let me think. It will come to me in a day or so.
  17. CatalinaTamiko

    Random Electronics. *Gaming Laptop* n More!

    this is actually a much much better idea. E-bay allows you access to more buyers than just the few that scan over this thread. And you can make much more money. i have to second it. seeing as i have hit my cash limit
  18. CatalinaTamiko

    Anyone want a quick sketch?

    http://www.furaffinity.net/view/3639537/ this is catalina. I know its not much, but you said these wont be colored in all likelihood. I let the artist have free range most all times, so feel free to do with as you please.
  19. CatalinaTamiko

    Random Electronics. *Gaming Laptop* n More!

    i understand the need. im under a tight budget myself. but i need a laptop for my work. and gaming laptops tend to stand up to my fingers better than regular ones. Im hard on the keys >.>
  20. CatalinaTamiko

    Random Electronics. *Gaming Laptop* n More!

    $55. and i will pay shipping and handling.