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  1. Naresie

    Holiday Season

    Didn't get to, due to religious reasons, celebrate christmas when I was younger, so I'll be celebrating like hell this year. Usually end up meeting up with my partner's relatives, but this year we get to spend christmas alone which I am really looking forward to. Hoping for a certain present to...
  2. Naresie

    Last post wins - Winner gets a free post!

    Aw crikey, you guys blew me out of the water, I admit defeat, for now. :P
  3. Naresie

    Last post wins - Winner gets a free post!

    *slides in* I am known far and wide as the discussion killer, let us see if this will stay true!
  4. Naresie

    What digital art tablet do you use?

    Got a good old Wacom Bamboo Fun (I think it was the full name at least), got one of them way in the past when they were fresh, glad this old boy is still working since I don't take it out much.
  5. Naresie

    Open Chat

    *Quickly slides in for hopefully page 1000* I believe Edit: Damn
  6. Naresie

    What Are You Listening To?

  7. Naresie

    Open Chat

    In my own case I use Twitter mostly to keep track of stuff, like if online game servers are down or junk like that, or some small news Twitter is quite the neat tool for that. I couldn't for the life of me treat it as some personal blog though. I like to post my art there now and then but that...
  8. Naresie

    Open Chat

    Thanks, I sure hope I will as well! :D Yea I suppose it's where all the cool kids hang out.
  9. Naresie

    Open Chat

    *casually sneaks into thread and grabs one of the cookies* Delicious. Also man I'm so hyped today. Both about Blizzcon and getting to have a look at the Magic the Gathering Arena.
  10. Naresie

    Open Chat

    Oh my god this is the best video I've ever seen.
  11. Naresie

    Open Chat

    Yeah, I certainly think that would be a good idea, would be cool for everyone and would make the forums look a little more inviting with less junk around.
  12. Naresie

    Open Chat

    Man the spambots have been going extra nuts on the forums lately, or maybe that's just normal. Also fun having to be my own IT expert for my very special computer lol.
  13. Naresie

    What's your artistic guilty pleasure?

    Oh yeah, I definitely understand the feeling on that one, I used to ruin drawings doing that. >.<
  14. Naresie

    What's your artistic guilty pleasure?

    Ya know what I'm talking about, the things you just can't keep yourself from drawing and doodling all the time when you really should be productive, or alternatively as a consumer what you can't stop searching for, commission, or add to your favorite collection. Apologies if this thread is...
  15. Naresie

    I hate someone who deserves it, but don't want to hate them.

    I dunno if what I'll say is really gonna do anything. I rarely get involved in topics like these, and ultimately it is always up to the person at hand to get something done or to listen, I have given advice to plenty of people in my time but they never really acted upon it. I am not entirely...
  16. Naresie

    Suggestion: User filter

    Even if I slightly disagree with how the initial post was presented, I do somewhat support the idea of something similar to this. The reason being, that I am familiar with another artist website aimed at furries (not naming it except for in PM because I dunno how these policies work), and they...
  17. Naresie

    what's your sexuality/ gender

    I refer to myself as my biological gender, however I could not care less what freaking genitals and reproductive systems I have. I just use my biological gender because it's the least amount of hassle. When looking at myself I just more or less feel like a genderless blob that just does day to...