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  1. VVhiteWolf

    The Term "Furfag"

    As stated earlier it's the context. I have friends that I (when joking) call them Mexicans. They obviously know it's a joke however, and poke fun at me back. The whole "Yiff in hell, furfag!" thing I take to be an insult due to the fact that it's mostly used by furry haters or random trolls. In...
  2. VVhiteWolf

    "Furry" All about sex?

    As mentioned before, furries look at porn the same amount as non-furs. However, I do believe furry porn is a more, for lack of a better term, "specialized" porn. Where else can you find human-animal mixes having sex? You can't. Simple as that. Also, furry porn has a bit of that...
  3. VVhiteWolf

    What Music do furries mainly listen to?

    Death metal, heavy metal, viking metal, hardcore, hardcore techno, hardstyle, jumpstyle, trance. Desperately need more music of the last three genres, but I like all of the above.
  4. VVhiteWolf

    How to fix sloppy sketches?

    Ah. It just so happens I still have a few art supplies that my older sister gave to me. There's a whole case full of pencils, so I lucked out there. I already have a gummy eraser AND a plastic or vinyl kind, so I'm set there. I'm sure the paper isn't too good of a quality either. My mom found...
  5. VVhiteWolf

    How to fix sloppy sketches?

    Ooh. Thank you very much. Great tips that I would have never even thought of. I don't have access to a lightbox ATM, but how much would one cost and where could I acquire one? I'll definately try using a harder lead as soon as I can get access to it.
  6. VVhiteWolf

    How to fix sloppy sketches?

    Hmm. I'll try thinking about the curves next time. For now, I'll just Photoshop my current WIP so I can kill those damned smudges. I just noticed after your curves tip how much I need to learn about muscle structure...
  7. VVhiteWolf

    How to fix sloppy sketches?

    Hello all. I've posted on here before asking for tips, and I've gotten some very helpful responses. One of my most common problems is how I sketch. It normally takes me 6-8 tries before I can get the correct line down onto what I'm drawing (and that's even with a model already drawn!)...
  8. VVhiteWolf

    Any Proportion/Perspective Tutorials?

    Thanks for the recommendation, I'll see if I can swing by this weekend and find them. On another note, I'm currently working on a drawing of me and my mate. It's actually turning out pretty well. I've been able to fix most of the proportion stuff. I'm having trouble blocking out the arms and...
  9. VVhiteWolf

    Any Proportion/Perspective Tutorials?

    Thanks for the link and help so far. I'll see if I can't get to Barnes'N'Noble one day to get some anatomy books. I think if I had a better understanding of muscle structure, I could get proportions right.
  10. VVhiteWolf

    Any Proportion/Perspective Tutorials?

    Thanks. Also, another problem I'm having is with fingers and toes, particularly feral paws. I'm going to reference some photos or online anatomy pictures for the paws and things, but for some odd reason I can't even get the fingers right when I try to draw my own hand.
  11. VVhiteWolf

    Any Proportion/Perspective Tutorials?

    Hey FA. I've been trying to draw anthros for a few months now with some moderate success. A few of the common problems I'm having are that my proportions are off, my perspective is slightly wrong somewhere, and that my images look flat. I've managed to sort of fix the proportion problems with...
  12. VVhiteWolf

    Turning family into furries D:

    I made my cousin furry. He's the same age as me. And only mildly interested. Was on FA, he asked what it was, and took five minutes to explain it to him.
  13. VVhiteWolf

    My art looks..."flat"

    Hello all. I've been attempting to draw furs for maybe...4 or 5 months now. One problem I'm constantly running into is that they don't really look 3-d, and instead just are flat characters. I'm not really shading anything when I draw, I just sketch stuff out, but I've seen sketches that look...
  14. VVhiteWolf

    your top 5 metal songs.

    These are my favorites right now. There might not be 5, I'ma just type. xD Six - All That Remains Kingdom For A Heart - Sonata Arctica (Anything by them is good) Almost anything from Children of Bodom Eve of Seduction - Symphony X Seven - Symphony X Symphony X has a few not so good songs, but...
  15. VVhiteWolf

    Is "The Lion King" furry? or Just a talking animals animation?

    I think this is more of a personal viewpoint issue. While Lion King, Sonic, and Digi/Pokemorphs may be drawn alot by people in the furry fandom, I do not consider them furry. It is my belief that the furry fandom should be anthropomorphic animals, none of this Sonic fan characters or Pokemorphs.
  16. VVhiteWolf

    How would I do this?

    Yeah, they should be done in maybe a week. My mom and I have to go out and get some fabric. She pulled some felt out of the basement and I got all flustered. They're gonna be pretty nice when they're done.
  17. VVhiteWolf

    How would I do this?

    Thanks Tam. I asked my mom how I would do this and she scoffed at it. She'll help with it. I'll post pics when they're done.
  18. VVhiteWolf

    Help would be aprusheeated

    Oh god....no... This happened to me, except my power got unplugged by accident. What my dad did to fix it was he took the Windows XP CD, put it in the computer, and then hit F8 when the computer was loading. This takes you to a boot menu, and you have to choose boot from disk. I'm not sure...
  19. VVhiteWolf

    Your top 10 songs

    10: Fury of the Storm - Dragonforce 9: Fly With The Black Swan - Sonata Arctica 8: Body Breakdown - Dragonforce 7: Hopeanueli - Children of Bodom (It's a song they did for some anime intro...) 6: Dogs Can Grow Beards All Over - Devil Wears Prada 5: Composure - August Burns Red 4: Two Weeks - All...
  20. VVhiteWolf

    Do your parents support your artwork!!

    I'm not sure what my parents would think. I've never showed them my furry art, cept this one thing I did on the computer, and even though I thought it was crap, my mom loved it. Of course her drawing skills are that of a two year old, so yeah. I've never showed them any of my pencil drawings...