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  1. hitokage

    Busted LCD screen

    #3 Buy replacement screen and fix it yourself? or how about #4 Use an external monitor with it until you can afford to buy a new laptop Sending it in is your best bet, otherwise why did you pay extra for a warranty that gives you that kind of protection?
  2. hitokage

    An old problem, but still a tech problem.

    That's a bit overkill for the average listener - just about any of their turntables is a decent choice though. It could be something wrong with the phono preamp circuit, which wouldn't affect anything else. Also, craigslist - specifically the electronics and free sections. Some Best Buy...
  3. hitokage

    Is this normal?

    I forgot about CCFL backlights - the inverter would be a potential source of shock in a battery powered device. Though the iPhone and other small devices are using LEDs these days, so that potential source of shock is being diminished.
  4. hitokage

    Is this normal?

    If it only happens with the wall charger and it works otherwise, then it's very likely just the charger, and a new one should fix the problem. If it still happens with a replacement charger, then you'll want to try and get Apple's assistance. Make sure you avoid any counterfeit/cheaply made...
  5. hitokage

    Is this normal?

    For us here in the US that is true. In some other countries, such as the UK where Slingblade_47 is from, it is referred to as earth. Wikipedia entry for those interested. I don't believe it's possible for a battery powered device to shock you in such a way unless you created the short (i.e...
  6. hitokage

    Cleaning the laptop screen

    This is a YMMV thing - some of us have never had a problem, while others have. There are many additional factors that could be the reason for trouble - such as how often it being cleaned, how it's cleaned, the amount of the cleaner being used, the screen itself, the age, other things it's...
  7. hitokage

    Laptop Screen Issue

    The inverter failing is more common, and if you have limited funds it should be tried first. The inverter is also the easier of the two to replace. The one other possibility is the microswitch that controls things when the screen is closed.
  8. hitokage

    Best anti-virus.

    Other - Sophos Anti-virus.
  9. hitokage

    Looking for Canadian prices for CPU+Motherboard

    For some reason I didn't notice the items were linked, which is why I pointed it out. Actually, I'm thinking it may have been in case the OP found the same or a faster/better CPU, but didn't know why there was a price difference.
  10. hitokage

    Looking for Canadian prices for CPU+Motherboard

    A case of that vintage you'll probably need a new power supply as well. It should be pointed out that a cooler will only come with retail boxed CPU versions, and not OEM versions.
  11. hitokage

    Republican Furs?

    Which is correct - our design worked when we had an accident here, even though mistakes were made. See the Wikipedia article on the Three Mile Island accident for details if you don't know.
  12. hitokage

    Playstation2 & HD TV

    I saw a picture on a site a long time ago showing a small LCD screen that either Nintendo or a close third-party developer made that connected to the digital AV port on the Gamecube, but if that made it into production I haven't ever seen anything about it. Another third-party manufacturer did...
  13. hitokage

    Playstation2 & HD TV

    Gamecube component cables also go for a heck of a lot of money on eBay (over $60 last I saw), but if you can track one down a used one at a GameStop you can get it for $5 (this is incredibly hard to do, and I'm sure people are picking them up to resell on eBay). Your Gamecube must have a digital...
  14. hitokage

    flat screen TVs that are not HD? I need help getting a new TV...

    ToeClaws: The aspect ratio for widescreen TV is 16:9 (about 1.78:1) and not 16:10 (1.6:1). Computer monitors are the source of confusion as they are being sold in both 16:10 and 16:9. Using 16:10 really wasn't necessary, and is even further from the normal ratios used in movie theatres -...
  15. hitokage

    Lamb Chop

    Fortunately it doesn't, otherwise Mister Rogers' Neighborhood would be furry as well, because of characters like Bob Dog.
  16. hitokage

    Zelda Sequel in 2010? + DS 2?

    Twilight Princess wasn't rushed and was originally a Gamecube only title, but it's development took so long they did some tweaks for the Wii and released it for both systems.
  17. hitokage


    This was driving me crazy as I knew who did it, but couldn't remember the name. I did eventually - it's Nauv. Full submission of the image - the one posted above is cropped.
  18. hitokage

    Second Video card for S-Video out?

    Actually I would be coming up 15, and it's just a bit over an hour from what I recall. Although meeting someplace public about half-way would be preferred. Normally when I'm up that way it's to go to the car shows in Carlisle with my father. What I was suggesting wasn't necessarily a HDTV, as...
  19. hitokage

    Internet Explorer cannot open internet site

    I haven't been over there in quite a long time, but from what I recall Toumal is a professional programmer. He may just have more of the design experience necessary for projects like that.
  20. hitokage

    Second Video card for S-Video out?

    @xcliber - Four words, craigslist free stuff classifieds - see here. If you watch your area (which is where I linked), and some of the surrounding areas you may be able to snag a newer TV that has S-video or even component video inputs that is at least the same size or larger then what you have...