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  1. shepherd

    Creature remix... need some ideas

    Not your typical request thread... I'm bored and want some animal anatomy challenge for my spring break. So here's what I'm asking - Give me at least two creatures in your post - I'll draw a hybrid. If you want one of the creatures to be your fursona's species and coloring, go for it...
  2. shepherd

    FREE zomg furries are gonna flock now

    I'll trade with you, if you want to draw my character Om, the tentacled foo dog. http://www.furaffinity.net/view/1473682/ If you're interested, let me know what character you would like me to draw for you.
  3. shepherd

    I Got $30, and I'm Seeking An Artist To Commission...

    I'm up for it. I could do a full color commission of what you ask for for $30, including shipping of the original. My page is: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/shepherd Please reply here or note me if you're interested.
  4. shepherd

    First time doing conbadges

    I don't really have much to crit on these. I think they're good badges. The first and second ones might benefit from a complimentary background color like the third example. All of them have good detail for a badge-size piece of art. What you may want to consider as you're laying out your...
  5. shepherd

    Inking option help...

    Maybe try matching colored inks to your planned coloration of the piece. I have a basic set of Winsor & Newton inks I picked up at the local art supply.
  6. shepherd

    $1-$5 commissions (and a $10 special)

    Closed for now. Thanks for having a look!
  7. shepherd

    $1-$5 commissions (and a $10 special)

    $1-$5 commissions (and a $10 special) - CLOSED Hi folks - Normally don't do this, but (like everyone else who takes commissions ever, it seems) I'm in a financial pickle. So here's the deal: $1 buys you a sketch of your fursona from the chest up (No limit to how many you want) $3...
  8. shepherd

    Draw my Chimera please?

    It was my intention to get the lineart of your character done this weekend. Mother Nature has stepped in and slapped me with a cold, so I'll be a bit delayed. Still working on it though!
  9. shepherd

    Looking for Tutor to Teach Drawing

    Concept Art has some great resources for this, IMHO. Even though the CA Academy doesn't exist any more. http://www.conceptart.org/forums/showthread.php?t=28240 All of their forums are worth checking out. In addition, Google "Loomis drawing" and find a download of Loomis' "Figure Drawing for...
  10. shepherd

    need help withsetting up paypal

    When someone wants to pay you, you have them send the money via paypal to the e-mail address that you registered. Me: "I'd like a $5 badge please! Here's my character info (blahblahblah), what's your Paypal address" You: "Sure thing! My paypal is myemail@myprovider.com. I'll get started on...
  11. shepherd

    Draw my Chimera please?

    I'm game for this. In anthro form, any preferred clothing?
  12. shepherd

    Artists: Gender?

    Femme artist.
  13. shepherd

    Taking Commissions! [ ferret vet bill- $250 ]

    Hey folks - I just picked up one of this guy's bust commissions for $13. Well worth the money! Commission him, he's awesome. http://www.furaffinity.net/view/1474427/ -Om.
  14. shepherd

    FWA Atlanta

    I'm definitely in.
  15. shepherd

    trade meh.

    Yes please! Can you draw Om? (either as quad or anthro... if anthro, dressed as in the second ref) http://greatom.deviantart.com/art/Tentacle-Foo-90693857 http://greatom.deviantart.com/art/Back-to-School-93727473 I'll do your piece in mixed media like the second ref I linked above and will...
  16. shepherd

    Examples needed;Taking Requests!

    Go for it. My foo dog character can be drawn quad or anthro. If you want to do a quad piece, how about his chasing a tennis ball? If you want to do anthro, he should be teaching a class (like in front of a whiteboard or something) http://greatom.deviantart.com/art/Tentacle-Foo-90693857...
  17. shepherd

    My Anatomy and other stuff need critics

    Take this with a grain of salt. I don't think there are enough good critiques given in the fandom, so I'm trying to do my part. First: I can tell that you're using construction lines to get the general shape of your characters. This is good. Keep doing this. You just need some work on...
  18. shepherd

    Sketch Test

    Full length mirrors are decently cheap at Walmart.
  19. shepherd

    $5 Shipping Tags

    Thanks. I haven't had anyone note me for one yet. Are you interested in one?