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  1. PricklyShiba


    Hi there! I would love to work on this project with you! Here's some examples of my art! Depending on how much you want for a reference sheet. But for what you're wanting it would be $120.00 in total! Thanks so much for the chance let me know if you have any questions!
  2. PricklyShiba

    Hiring: Looking for a ref for my new character $50 - $90

    Hi there! I'd be willing to help! I have one current examples that is officially finished. These normally go for $200, but I wouldn't mind doing it for $90! I could offer a front & back with the add-ons you asked for + a chibi for the outfit. My turnaround time is between 2 weeks to a month at...
  3. PricklyShiba

    Halloween Chibi YCH $45

    Hey Everyone! I am opening a Halloween Chibi YCH for $45.00! I can do canines or felines for this YCH. And I accept PayPal or Venmo. If you have any questions let me know! Turnaround times will be same or next day. You can follow me on Twitter: https://twitter.com/PricklyShiba Or Furaffinity...
  4. PricklyShiba

    Hiring: Looking for a NSFW commission for my fiancé and I. Budget: $50 - $200

    Hi there! I'd love to work on this with you! I can offer a fast turnaround time.I could get it done by mid-November for you. I also offer prints as well in a 13x19 poster in both glossy and matte that we can discuss shipping to you if you're wanting that. I also offer Trello so that you may have...
  5. PricklyShiba

    HIRING 27$ Looking for Commissions

    Hey there! My commissions are currently open! I’d be willing to offer a chibi anthro shot of your two sonas for $27 including shading and a simple background! Here are some examples of my art. I hope you find what you’re looking for! Thank you for the opportunity! (It will be 2 fullbodies)
  6. PricklyShiba

    Hiring: $5-$40 Looking to commission character art

    Hi there my commissions are open! Thank you for the opportunity and good luck! Here is my TOS and Prices: docs.google.com: PricklyShiba’s TOS & FAQ:
  7. PricklyShiba

    Hiring: Looking for couple icons - Up to $50

    Hi there! I sent you a message on telegram! Accidentally made a secret chat. I’m a bit new to using it. xD
  8. PricklyShiba

    Hiring: Lookin for artists 5-100$ (closed)

    Hi there! My commissions are currently open! Here is my commission price sheet and TOS: docs.google.com: PricklyShiba’s TOS & FAQ: And here are some examples: I hope you find what you’re looking for and thank you for the opportunity! Have a great day and good luck!
  9. PricklyShiba

    Hiring: icon sketch - artistic liberty - $100US+

    Hi There! I would love to take on this project with you. These characters sound like such a blast!!! My icons typically go for $45.00 USD each. Here are some examples of my artwork. I hope you find what you're looking for! Good luck! And thank you for your time.