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  1. Ecs Wolfie

    Trades+Commissions+requests :3

    Hehe, I didn't think you did! *Clings back* I swears! X3 *Licks*
  2. Ecs Wolfie

    Trades+Commissions+requests :3

    *Lurks and waits on this account* X3
  3. Ecs Wolfie

    Free Stuff

    Sent a PM X3
  4. Ecs Wolfie

    How did you die?!?!

    GTA : SA Well, Let's just say I was running from the cops, Along with shooting at them and they got me down to a really low health bracket, I decided to blow up a car... I got killed by the hood when it landed on me. X3
  5. Ecs Wolfie

    Searching for OCers

    Hehe, I'd OC with ya, But sadly I don't have a tablet, I can draw half decently with the mouse though seeing as that's the way I color my arts. If you want to OC (If my computer is nice enough to allow it to work) I'll do a session with you as long as you don't mind me using a mouse.
  6. Ecs Wolfie

    Looking for some art trades :U

    If I could draw quads well I would, I am not as good as you by far. X3 Good luck getting some good arts.
  7. Ecs Wolfie

    Trades and commissions <3

    I should so bug you on AIM or some chat client sometime X3
  8. Ecs Wolfie

    Tades and Requests in the Open

    Oh, And after you're done with my request if you're up to it I can do a trade with ya X3
  9. Ecs Wolfie

    Rave Request

    X3 You can put whoever you want in it, It's a rave so there would be more then one person there! *Giggles and licks your nose* And I always lick people X3 OH! Also, I wanna try drawing Remix, I like the char design X3 Though it may take a lil bit to get to you due to a few other things on my...
  10. Ecs Wolfie

    Rave Request

    Yays, There's a club X3 *Licks*
  11. Ecs Wolfie

    Rave Request

    I swear everyone ignores me X3 Oh well.
  12. Ecs Wolfie

    Telling your parents you're gay

    I pretty much had the exact same deal with my parents, I wasn't as old as you but still. One thing that's different about your parents, They're semi open minded, My parents are homophobes. How I came out was I got sick of just hiding and not being myself not to mention after like 5 years of...
  13. Ecs Wolfie

    Survival horror: How to do it.

    Well, I love horror for anything but i've never had any game that genuinely scared me. The RE1 game was good because it was as you said, You against a horde of monsters. And I agree with you on Fatal Frame X3 That game made me jump quite a few times, Because one, It's again just you against how...
  14. Ecs Wolfie

    3d Modeling?

    Well, I'm currently thinking about trying some 3d modeling, Yes I've never really done it before but I think I can manage. So I was wondering if anyone had any good Tutorials or are willing to help me out a bit. Right now i'm trying to get a copy of Softimage XSI 7 and I would like to know...
  15. Ecs Wolfie

    Rave Request

    Well, I've been looking for a good request of my fursona wearing rave stuff and with glowsticks and such. Sooo I thought i'd throw a request out. NSFW - http://www.furaffinity.net/view/1682624/ http://www.furaffinity.net/view/1691025/ http://www.furaffinity.net/view/1695955/ My fursona...
  16. Ecs Wolfie

    Trade with me ?

    I'd trade but I have a few in the works already, So mabey after they're finished
  17. Ecs Wolfie

    Taking Trades, Requests (Dragons?)

    Hehe, Your pickup! http://www.furaffinity.net/view/1698391/
  18. Ecs Wolfie

    Taking Trades, Requests (Dragons?)

    Well, I usually do full body X3 Colored though I skip inking because I dont have the right stuff for it but it still looks half decent. My shading lacks so flat colored is perfectly fine for your end. And she's a wolf hybrid I think, Her muzzle is wolfish and that, But yeah I can give it a try. ^^
  19. Ecs Wolfie

    Taking Trades, Requests (Dragons?)

    Hehe, I'm still waiting for those refs of yours X3
  20. Ecs Wolfie

    Trades and commissions <3

    Meh, New Fursona's colorings! And some sort of cute pose. X3 http://www.furaffinity.net/view/1682624/ http://i144.photobucket.com/albums/r192/Vampiric_Charm/Ecs%20and%20Furries/EcsHuskyPelt.jpg