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  1. Sylvine

    Lesbians turned on by male on male porn.

    Same way being a lesbian works? I mean, if it rocks someone's boat... Maybe they find it particularly kinky. x) ~Sylv
  2. Sylvine

    Team-Fortress 2?

    Yeah, sure. My no.1 game since I bought it. I doubt we'll be playing together anytime soon, though. My crappy connection can only take the closest of servers, and even those only on a good day. I miss my old one =) Regarding class ballance... the opinions are greatly skewed due to the...
  3. Sylvine

    Videos that you watch to make you happy

    I have no Idea who You are, but right now, I just love You so much for sharing this awesome link! <3 I'm happy. ~Sylv
  4. Sylvine

    this really is funnier than the Tyra Banks thing

    3in1'd. XD This could only be better if they got her to do a lolcat reference without noticing :) ~Sylv
  5. Sylvine

    ahh, snow day...

    Get Yourself a shovel, ten 100-pound sacks of salt, and go work for 6 hours straight to free the streets of the damn white abomination. THEN try posting that again :P [/HATEsnow.] ~Sylv
  6. Sylvine

    reattempt of this whole d2 thing

    I'm on Europe. Sorry :P ~Sylv
  7. Sylvine

    What Anime do u watch?

    I'm waiting for Elfenlied ep. 13 to load right now. Yes, Elfenlied, not Elfen Lied. lrn2deutsch XD I swear if the japanese obsess so much about the german language for some reason, one could at least expect they write things correctly :P If one would cut out a few bits and pieces, it would make...
  8. Sylvine

    The BEST and the WORST Games of 2008

    Best is TF2, hands down. What? It came out in 2007? I don't care. Nothing better came along in 2008 yet :P Worst: Hm. Worst of 2008 or worst I've played? Because I tend not to play bad games XD I was, however, quite disappointed by SSBB. I know, I'm gonna get crucified for that, but I...
  9. Sylvine

    Orange Box or Left 4 Dead?

    Orange Box, Orange Box, orange Box! - You get the whole lot of Half Life 2, which is in itself some 50 hours of fun to be had (and in its way, a lot like L4D - repetitive, but fun XD). - You get the best single-player game ever made with Portal, and even if it's only 3-ish hours of fun, it's...
  10. Sylvine

    Santa Claus and kids

    I was fortunate enough to have a mother who didn't pull the santa bullshit on me ;) THen again, she did try it with "God"... Hm. ~Sylv
  11. Sylvine

    Shin Megami Tensei: Imagine

    WEll, You guys probably did play other shin megami games? Apparently, Copypasta Dungeons is part of the, ahem, charm. Often without a map. Or with doors that teleport You back to beginning of the labyrinth. Or invisible-wall-labyrinths. Or traps that catapult You to rooms with doors that...
  12. Sylvine

    Shin Megami Tensei: Imagine

    That's why I said it needs revamping, not "it sucks" ;) ~Sylv
  13. Sylvine

    Musclefurs in videogames

    I know, right? They should have multicolored anthros. That'd be more diverse XD ~Sylv
  14. Sylvine

    Shin Megami Tensei: Imagine

    Doesn't strike my fancy, though I actually like the SMT universe. Hm. The dungeon mechanic needs some revamping. I hate going through 2 levels, getting to the boss, then getting disconnected. Poof goes the bronze plate, and the boss as well, of course. Argh. Imagine the same thing happening...
  15. Sylvine

    Nuggets of 16-bit gold.

    Ummm.... Tactics Ogre = Altus and... Quest, I think. Final Fantasy Tactics = Squaresoft. Tough the plots were similarly mature, even if the FFT Plot was, imo, more cliche. The decision You get to make at the end of Chapter one in TO:LUCT is what makes that game superior to any other in...
  16. Sylvine

    I judge people based on whether or not they have played Shadow of the Colossus.

    The problem with SotC lies within a tiny, yet common misconception. That being: People thinking it's actually a game. ~Sylv
  17. Sylvine

    Nuggets of 16-bit gold.

    Tactics Ogre. FUCK YEAH! =) ~Sylv
  18. Sylvine

    Survival horror: How to do it.

    Congratulations! You just described Silent Hill. XD ~Sylv
  19. Sylvine

    Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift

    I'm afraid I'm lost for every tactical rpg. Blame Tactics Ogre (PSX) for being so absolutely and utterly awesome! I don't think I'll ever find a better one :) ~Sylv
  20. Sylvine

    Resident Evil: Degeneration

    Isn't that the first CGI RE? That could be the reason it looks good. RE with human actors just does not feel like an RE. Moreover, RE with human actors is directed for broad audiece. CGI means they axpect to appeal mostly to the gamers. They don't have to involve a love story, an anti-drug...