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  1. CerbrusNL

    Furnation.com is DOWN, Hacked Possibly?

    Google's only returning some TL;DR stories.
  2. CerbrusNL

    Furnation.com is DOWN, Hacked Possibly?

    Compared to exploiting weaknesses in a site's security, (D)DoS attacks are pretty darn "Brute force". It's like (repeatedly) ramming something with a truck, compared to picking it's lock.
  3. CerbrusNL

    Furnation.com is DOWN, Hacked Possibly?

    Buddy, Your account being banned proves nothing. If Xander indeed found a weakness in the site's security, he could easily have taken it down from any device with a internet connection. There are other ways than simply brute force (DDOS) to break a site -.- As you can read, Xander did attempt...
  4. CerbrusNL

    Please don't take this the wrong way, But I want to shutdown my account permanently.

    Re: Please don't take this the wrong way, But I want to shutdown my account permanent Admins can't age-lock an account based on that age field alone, since that field is often used to enter a character's age. OP: I'm just going to be blunt: It's not FA's responsibility to keep you from...
  5. CerbrusNL

    Malaysia Airlines plane shot down(?) over the Russia-Ukraine border. No survivors...

    How could something like this happen... On board: 154 Dutch. 27 Australian, 23 Malaysian (15 crew), 11 Indonesian, 6 UK, 4 German, 4 Belgian, 3 Filipino, 1 Canadian end 47 passengers of as of yet unknown nationality... All gone. These were people going on vacation, business, or even going...
  6. CerbrusNL

    Animal Research :)

    Your survey lacks the option of answering "No sexual experience with animals" on "15. Sexual Experience 2"...
  7. CerbrusNL

    Japanese coin dozer game thing.

    Holy crap. I feel like a winner xD Edit: Oh wow o.O You should really try to get a black one in there :shock:
  8. CerbrusNL

    Bullets going bye bye?

    What about explosive bullets... With rocket engines. Y'know, nukes. (Or other, less drastic missle weapons) There's a third category of weapons people seem to be forgetting about. Sure, nukes would be as little cost-inefficient if the target is just a single invader on your space station, but...
  9. CerbrusNL

    Bug/Site Problem: notes: I am not receiving his, he's not receiving mine

    Both users replied to the notes I sent out, so that would indicate that the system is working properly. I can't see any technical issues on these accounts.
  10. CerbrusNL

    Bug/Site Problem: notes: I am not receiving his, he's not receiving mine

    Please allow us, as staff, some time to actually see this thread, instead of making comments like that. We're a volunteer crew, and as such, not active 24/7. I've sent both of you a note on FA, to see if either of you can receive mine. You both don't seem to have notes disabled.
  11. CerbrusNL

    Submission Problem: Submission not showing up

    The image appears to be loading properly for me. Could you try clearing your browser's cache?
  12. CerbrusNL

    Submission Problem: Week old submission no longer in gallery, but in sub. management?

    As mungo said, the subdomain and the "SFW" buttons are two separate, unrelated functions. Basically, this means the site's working as intended, in this regard.
  13. CerbrusNL

    The Capuskicapubul thread

    Closing: Dusplicate of: http://forums.furaffinity.net/threads/1140580-The-Capuskicapubul-thread
  14. CerbrusNL

    Have you ever lied about your name online?

    Nope, never. My name really is "CerbrusNL"
  15. CerbrusNL

    Bot on FA...

    Yeap, the situation is under control now.
  16. CerbrusNL

    That's it. I'm done. What next?

    Actually, his account has no administrative history, and doesn't seem to be accessing porn. (Basically, he's being a good citizen)
  17. CerbrusNL

    That's it. I'm done. What next?

    Discrimination? Felony? Kid, while I guess you could say you are treated with a certain prejudice on the grounds of your age by FA as a website, the only special treatment you're getting is that the site's not sending you porn. That's something FA is required to do by law. If we did allow...
  18. CerbrusNL

    Hi there, we are a team of Dutch students and need your help...

    Hello there! Welcome to the Fur Affinity Forums. Can you please describe in a little more detail what your exact assignment is, and what you expect to be doing for / with us? (And in Dutch, just because I can) Hallo! Welkom bij de Fur Affinity forums. Kun je in wat meer detail beschrijven wat...
  19. CerbrusNL

    FA or Weasyl

    I noticed a lot of people posting journals saying they also have a Weasyl. Only a handful of the journals mentioned actually using that as their main gallery, now.
  20. CerbrusNL

    Image/Thumbnail Problems: Please Remove Submission

    This forum is not for submission takedown requests. Especially if it's your own submission, you can just remove it yourself.