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  1. mapdark

    Tell me the blunt honest truth about my art!

    This. And it's not out of hatred for anime. But anime itself is a super-stylisation of reality. So if you base yourself off of it to get your basics down you will only end up stylising and simplifying a stylisation. You will add your own mistakes on top of other people's mistakes and it will...
  2. mapdark

    Comic Critique Needed! (54 pages, ages 16+ only) SWF

    Look , if you're going to ask for critique , you can't go and make an excuse for every single one of the points other people will bring up. I tried to be as nice as I could while giving you my critique of your content. The last thing I needed to hear was "it's muh style" excuse for why you...
  3. mapdark

    Comic Critique Needed! (54 pages, ages 16+ only) SWF

    Well, I'll be very honest, I really think you should improve on facial structure and expressions. I find the deviant art animuh style faces to be very bland and limitating. Your range of emotions seems to be very narrow. The fact is that whatever species those guys are, they couldn't be...
  4. mapdark

    Critiques on my art style.

    What I see that is absolutely obvious is that OP is good at EMULATING style but clearly doesn't understand the underlying anatomy and structure. This is made obvious from the fact that none of the pictures seem to have a personal style. They all look like eyeballed versions of Disney/Dreamworks...
  5. mapdark

    FA/IMVU Discussion

    All I'm going to say is prepare for the worst. I'm not saying "jump ship". But BE prepared for whatever is going to go wrong to go wrong any day now. The fact that this is not a partnership but a complete change of ownership basically means that IMVU has a veto right on ANYTHING done on the...
  6. mapdark

    Can it exist?

    Base yourself on real life birds . Referencing is your best friend. Ok , I'm aware this is shitty as hell , but I made a quick manipulation of your drawing to show you where eyes could be and stuff : Excuse me for te crappiness but I am at work and only have access to an old mouse.
  7. mapdark

    Atemis: The Newbie Chronicles

    Also you might want to invest in one of these: Just saying , drawing on lined paper is the worst thing EVER. It can also distort the way you draw because of the tricks those lines play on your eyes.
  8. mapdark

    First headshot - critique, please?

    Apart from referencing , you might want to practice gesture drawing. draw circles , draw simple shapes, draw apples. The point is just to improve on your hand's movements so that your lines are smooth and not all angular and jerky like the ones in this drawing. You want to be able to draw...
  9. mapdark

    Need Critique

    Could you specify in which area you would like a critique. Do you want a critique on the anatomy , the lighting , the use of colour or a general critique touching all those subjects?
  10. mapdark

    Looking for critique

    And finally , to counter your argument that your friend's drawings look good DESPITE using the same line weight all over , I took the liberty to take a part of one of their drawings and then modify it to show how it would look WITH line weight variance. This is virtually the SAME EXACT...
  11. mapdark

    Looking for critique

    If the light source was obvious , we wouldn't be telling you not to pillow-shade "I haven't used dodge and burn , except when I used it" "No one simply googles for animal heads and expect to find that kind of material" EXCEPT EVERYONE WHO DOES! 1- His stuff would look BETTER with line...
  12. mapdark

    Looking for critique

    And here Ladies and Gentlemen , we have someone who asks for a critique and then rejects it en-masse when it's not ass-kissing. *headdesk*
  13. mapdark

    Looking for critique

    Taralack has pretty much said most of what I wanted to say. What really bothered me was the pillow shading and lack of line weight difference. Also , you might want to reference from real animals so that eye placement is a little less... wonky? It<s rather obvious in this one ...
  14. mapdark

    Sketchmissions starting at 15 dollars for B&W inked single character

    http://www.furaffinity.net/view/12288432/ Hello! I am opening up for commissions. They will be sketches unless you specifically demand for something more complete Prices are simple 15$ for a single character image in B&W 20$ if you want that image in colour An extra 5 bucks for...
  15. mapdark

    Site status closed?

    I don't feel entitled. I haven't DIED or gone into depression because FA hasn't been on for more than a week. I just think it's ridiculous to cut communications with your website users because you feel "too stressed" and "don't want to deal with this". It's childish and unprofessional...
  16. mapdark

    Site status closed?

    Yeah but "I'm teh stressed and don't want to deal with this right now" is a more than questionable reason to shut down communications between admins and users. Seriously , FA has not exactly been known in the past for stellar PR , but this is just wow.
  17. mapdark

    If anyone has the time to help a guy with no talent

    Jesus ! Calm down! I wasn't CHASTISING him , I was stating facts. If ANYONE feels like mustering up the courage to draw is a chore , then maybe that person isn't artist material. How is that chastising? I mean , I have seen other people forcing themselves to do something they weren't so fond...
  18. mapdark

    If anyone has the time to help a guy with no talent

    Look , it's nobody's job but YOURS to motivate yourself to draw. If you can't do that , well maybe you are not actually artist material and should find another hobby.
  19. mapdark

    I added some very old drawings

    I'm just curious as to why you would want people to comment on pictures that date back 22 years.
  20. mapdark

    October Maxim Furry Drama

    Who made you an authority on the subject? Fact is , I WISH some people's freaky behaviour would stop but that doesn't make them "FAKE furries" Dude , this is just a fucking fandom , we're not the freaking JEWS VS the Nazi party.You take this fandom WAAAAAYYYYY too seriously. Chill! Also I...