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  1. AuraTwilight

    Give your fursona a voice!

    I usually voice my characters myself (having done voice acting for projects involving them and whatnot), but if I had to pick someone else...well, I'm not sure about everyone else, but Paimon would have to be Vic Mognogna, since my ideal options (Aya Hirano or Yui Horie's alternate universe male...
  2. AuraTwilight

    I vote NO religious debates

    Get-Dancing only votes this because he always loses, lawl.
  3. AuraTwilight

    Mother 3

    .... T_T
  4. AuraTwilight

    Mother 3

    Mother 3 = Happiness. I played it with the original release, but the English Patch is a godsend, since I want to get my non-Japanese-speaking friends to play it too.
  5. AuraTwilight

    The Fursona Game

    He's been explained the basics a few months ago and not quite getting it. First he asked what the vagina was for, and when it was explained to him, he processed the information and asked, "...so you have two butts'su?"
  6. AuraTwilight

    My Fursona

    How much is your fursona based off of you?
  7. AuraTwilight

    My Fursona

    He doesn't like hot dogs? Oh, that may cause him to be the first person Paimon doesn't get along with. He's hot though. Srsly hot.
  8. AuraTwilight

    The Fursona Game

    1. He was pretty much born gay, he was, to make a long story short, poofed into existence with body and mind pretty much already formed. He didn't realize at first, because he didn't know what sex was, but it was a pretty much glass closet, so finally dudes just had sex with him. 2. He doesn't...
  9. AuraTwilight

    The Fursona Game

    1. How old is Tiege now? What's he up to, etc.? 2. Incest is hot. Are they still at it, or was it just an experiment? 3. Can he make a Fruity Prince? If not, WTF, man, not the best. If so, WTF man, why's he plowing wemminz? Paimon (I suppose): 1. He's a wolf, NOT a goddamned kitten. 2. He's...
  10. AuraTwilight

    Introduce your Fursona!!!

    http://forums.furaffinity.net/showthread.php?t=24310 It's long, so there's the link.
  11. AuraTwilight

    Why this one?

    My various characters have no basis in myself: They're just sexy models with plot relevancy.
  12. AuraTwilight

    Your Fursona History!

    I'm very interested in your character, Zeke. Pictures too. Mmm. For the sake of length, I'll just link to a topic I already made: http://forums.furaffinity.net/showthread.php?t=24310 "Originally an artificial intelligence created as a Darwinian Evolution simulation, the interference of...
  13. AuraTwilight

    Mind's Perception

    - Is the world a euphoric place with a few sinister characters, a terrible slum with the rare shinning paragon, or perhaps a totally emotionless void of apathetic subatomic particles whose only concern is interacting with one another? Neither of those, really. Reality is how we choose to make...
  14. AuraTwilight

    Chicken or Egg?

    Both, because time is an illusion. All is part of the Eternal holistic Now.
  15. AuraTwilight

    Mom, Dad, I'm a furrry

    Being furry isn't controversal to anyone in the real world. Your parents aren't 4chan.
  16. AuraTwilight

    Shocking news: Spore released, angers Creationists

    Because it's not THEIR GAWD and you're not maeking mayunkind and bskfkhfg;lreovbmn
  17. AuraTwilight

    Serious Question

    I have a neighbor who wears pink lycra tanktops, has a lisp, uses words like "Thuper" and "Fabulous", bleaches his hair, and loves shoe shopping. He has a beautiful wife and three children, and has never had a homosexual thought in his life. By contrast, I know this big, buff biker dude who's...
  18. AuraTwilight

    Is anyone else Nocturnal?

    I literally only sleep once a week.
  19. AuraTwilight

    Shocking news: Spore released, angers Creationists

    Who cares what creationists think? OH WAIT THEY DONT LOLOLOLOLOLOL.
  20. AuraTwilight


    WOO JAPAN RULES N*GGAS LOLOLOLOLOLOL. Seriously, get over it, atleast you weren't A-Bombed on 9/11.