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  1. Taterbunny

    Do you feel related to your fursona? How? Why?

    I used to be in your same boat, OP. Went through so many sonas and designs in the span of 6 years, nothing stuck. I tried making my sona what I wanted to be, then just what I liked. No dice. Finally came to me one day; I decided to personify my issues and anxieties rather than make her my ideal...
  2. Taterbunny

    Custom rings are now OPEN!

    Hey guys, I am now offering custom rings. :D Please see my journal for all info: www.furaffinity.net: CUSTOM RINGS OPEN! -- Taterbunny's Journal Examples of rings I've made can be found in my gallery: Artwork Gallery for Taterbunny -- Fur Affinity [dot] net
  3. Taterbunny

    Megaplex 2017

    So close to Plex! Anyone else going? I may be selling some things in artist alley this year if I have time to prepare. :) But even if not, keep a lookout and come say hi!
  4. Taterbunny

    Your Opinion On Closed Species Culture

    Closed species are genius for people who have a fan base and want easy cash. Do I like the concept? No, not at all. There is nothing stopping someone from creating a similar character (other than white knights who will come in droves to bully). After all, anything we create is taken in pieces...
  5. Taterbunny

    Hi, what's your favorite pokemon?

    Definitely Salazzle and Salandit. :P But I'm biased to lizards. (also Gastrodon because it's a tank beast) Before that, my faves were Miltank, Charizard, and Aggron (not mega though, ew).
  6. Taterbunny

    Have you ever confronted this peculiar problem or am I the only one?

    Don't worry, it's not just you. I also struggled for years to make a sona that stuck, probably around 6 or 7 years. I went through hundreds of designs, animals. Tried to base them on my physical features, then just physical attributes I liked. Anytime I thought I had one, I started feeling...
  7. Taterbunny

    Is Megaplex family friendly?

    Megaplex is a generally family-friendly event. :) There may be the occasional person in bondage gear, but it's generally frowned upon. You may also see NSFW artists in the dealer's den/artist alley, but you must provide an ID to see their NSFW artworks. Probably shouldn't go around the con space...
  8. Taterbunny

    How many times have you been insulted for being a Furry?

    Only ever a couple times by people who don't understand it. :P It usually comes up when people ask me what I do, I say art, they ask to see. Mostly people think it's just cute though, haha. Online I've gotten it a few times out of the blue. Uploaded a step-by-step sculpture progress on imgur...
  9. Taterbunny

    Your cutest pets

    I've got two lovely ladies. :P My dog Pepper: And my gecko, Taffy
  10. Taterbunny

    Show me your art improvement!

    Oh man, I remember the skullmonkies game, good times. :'D It was supposed to be a dragon, haha. It's just a mess.
  11. Taterbunny

    Show me your art improvement!

    Old: New:
  12. Taterbunny

    Let's brag about our craziest thrift store finds!

    There's a little hidden gem thrift shop in my tiny home town called the Attic Shop. They're only open like 3 days a week, and close very early (at 3pm). They often get overstock from all the old folks around, and have the BEST sales I have ever seen in any thrift store by FAR (and I've been to...
  13. Taterbunny

    Of Farm Animals and Furries (Why Cows?)

    I suppose the reason why people add human breasts to cows is that it looks more pleasing to the eye for most, as more human characteristics are more familiar to us. Same reason people draw reptilian anthros with breasts. If the character has udders, people usually don't cover them. We're not...
  14. Taterbunny

    Are there any sites that make and sell custom furry figure's/Statue's?

    @BasilClover Thanks for mentioning me! ^o^ As far as sculpture work goes, be prepared to pay a pretty good sum of money. Sculptors have to factor in material cost and time, which takes quite a bit longer than drawn works. I can give you any gritty details of the process if you'd like, so you...
  15. Taterbunny

    Drawing/Linework - How Not to Ruin it?

    Sounds like your best choice is to invest in some art pens, m'friend. You may have to pay a bit more for the more professional ones, but they're made for this purpose and therefor will be your best friends. :P I'm not sure about pen brands, but they're definitely worth it if you do traditional art.
  16. Taterbunny

    Where are we all?

    Probably an anole, haha. They're skittish, but a bit aggressive if they're scared. They can't do a whole lot though. It's really rare they even break skin. They do that sometimes. :P Some are quicker to drop than others. Lizards of my life though, I want to be a herpetologist someday. <3 But...
  17. Taterbunny

    Where are we all?

    Not where I am, but there are some wild ones in south FL, I've heard. Same with iguanas. Here we just have tons of little skittish anoles. :P Aww, but lizards are like the best things ever, haha. I love them so much. ^^
  18. Taterbunny

    Where are we all?

    I'm in Florida, the heat is a killer here. D: But at least there are lizards everywhere, they're so cute. But the bugs... We have HUGE bugs here, and they're eeeeverywhere all the time, all year long. I only know English, but I'll be studying German soon. My bf would like to get a job in...
  19. Taterbunny

    Adult furs? 21+

    Yeah, you're not really missing anything. Inflation is crazy, userbase is dwindling, only thing of value anymore are the unconverted pets and they're pretty much impossible to get. Accounts are hacked constantly, just nothing fun to do anymore. I just have problems detaching. ;w; Yeah, it took...
  20. Taterbunny

    Adult furs? 21+

    Lol, those are good times. ^^ I still get on every now and again to see what's been up, but my interest in the site has been long dead. Oh man, Grundos and Krawks were my jam.