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  1. Koush

    What was one of your first PC games? (I hope it's right place for this thread)

    I have no idea which was my first game, but I remember my dad bringing a floppy disk home and playing Secret Agent with him. Never got to finish the game, but the sound effects make me so nostalgic <3
  2. Koush

    Heyy, hemlo :D

    Heyy, hemlo :D
  3. Koush

    Meet Local Furries

    I live in this country: Brazil, São Paulo My age is: 32 My gender is: Male My sexuality is: Gayy My hobbies include: Books! I love reading <3 Also love singing and going to karaoke spots! You'll frequently find me watching anime (you can peruse through my MyAnimeList list to see if you find...
  4. Koush


    Hey Mace! Welcome to the forums :3 Hope you enjoy your stay. All Dogs Go to Heaven was one of the movies I watched all the time when I was a kid. Have really fond memories of it <3
  5. Koush

    Hey ^_^

    Hey! Welcome to the forums! Tell us more about you :D
  6. Koush

    Sci-fi books recommendation

    Oooh, seems interesting! Will take a look. Any reason you didn't read the sequels?
  7. Koush

    Can you be a furry or a part of the fandom without attending a con?

    ^This. If you want to be a furry, you can be a furry. Nothing else is required.
  8. Koush

    Sci-fi books recommendation

    Hey, folks! I've recently started delving into science fiction books and quickly fell in love with the genre <3 However, I do not know many good titles, and my thirst is far from quenched hahaha SO, I would love sharing my recommendations and getting to know some from you. I usually prefer hard...
  9. Koush

    Users VS Staff Members (Ver. 2)

    190, not a prime number
  10. Koush

    Open Chat

    Yes, exactly :)
  11. Koush

    Open Chat

    I'm a helpless digifan, so I would totally like to see WereGarurumon XD But Kogenta would be awesome as well.
  12. Koush

    What is the avatar above you thinking?

    "I hope it's not coming in my direction"
  13. Koush

    Users VS Staff Members (Ver. 2)

  14. Koush

    Traveling to Japan in a month, any furries out there?

    Most of the japanese furries I knew are active over Twitter, so I'd also recommend checking over there.
  15. Koush

    Any furries from Salvador? Looking for other furries from brasil/brazil for meets

    Acho que o Crash é de Salvador, não? Provavelmente ele deva saber te indicar mais gente que também é daí :D
  16. Koush

    What are you reading?

    I'm almost at the end of the Calatian series by Tim Susman (Kyell Gold), and it has been a delight!
  17. Koush

    The Sandman

    I've seen it! I didn't have any expectations, since I knew almost nothing of the original comics, but wow, I loved the series! The slow pacing paired with long talks was great, I really prefer it over action-packed episodes that try to introduce you to a thousand different characters and plots...
  18. Koush

    What was the last Anime/Show you watched?

    I have been indulging myself with Overlord IV and Isekai Ojisan, but the isekai I'm most looking forward to is the last season of Log Horizon *-* Oooh, that bookworm one seems interesting! Will search for the books here :3
  19. Koush

    Furry Anime

    I didn't quite check the whole topic, so this one probably has already been posted, but Onmyou Taisenki (AniDB and MyAnimeList) presents some really awesome furry characters (and fandom favourite Kogenta) <3 In kjmars's defense, that post was from 2008 hahaha XD But yeah, there were already...
  20. Koush

    What was your first anime?

    I think the first contact I had with anime was with Magic Knight Rayearth, but I never got to fully watch it. Probably the first one I got to watch on a daily basis was Dragon Ball Z <3