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    Who did this? Obviously Satan.

    Agreed. Imagine having to deal with these nightmares: Asian Giant Hornet: http://youtu.be/O8BUWxh9xEY
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    Unpopular Opinions

    As a professional CDL driver, I must concur; texting while driving is reckless endangerment. As CDL holder, if I were caught texting while driving a 40 ton rig, I would be facing being shut-down right there and then, a $5,000 fine, suspension of license and loss of employment. The fact that...
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    If you died right now, what will they find on your computer?

    Not much after the Thermite ignites.
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    your Ideal Partner

    One who can lay down effective suppressing fire on the SWAT team as I reload. Wait... Wut? Ohhhh... One who has a fitness model physique; is a freak between the sheets; can field strip an AR-10 blindfolded; and has the same type of dark humor as mine. Bonus if they can drive Big Rig. Hey...
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    New Gen Thundercats.

    PHILISTINE! HERETIC! BLASPHEMER! Somebody bring me two wood posts and a handful of nails.
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    What's your favorite kind of SCI FI?

    Apocalyptic, post-apocalyptic and/or dystopian.
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    What Are You Listening To?

    Soulfly http://youtu.be/98AxoT7JDsE
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    WARNING to all UK artists using PayPal

    Oh I see. And here I am thinking I was looking-out for fellow artists. So, fuck me right? If if only the Internet had more self-righteous, omnipresent douchebags this kind of thing could be avoided in the future.
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    WARNING to all UK artists using PayPal

    I'm not a lawyer, but what the clause says in plain terms, is that by virtue of the fact that you used PayPal to conduct a transaction (e.g. You accept PayPal on your website) for any work of art ("content", which would include written work, physical or digital artwork, websites, software...
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    WARNING to all UK artists using PayPal

    Under the heading “Intellectual Property,” PayPal announces that it is introducing a new paragraph to its UK User Agreement, effective July 1, 2015, that will allow the company to “use content that you post for publication using the Services”. As of today (4/24/2015) no similar update...
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    Political Spectrum Poll 2015

    One thing is abundantly clear: it's no longer "by, of, and for We The People," it's "by, of, and for Wall St. Oligarchs, the Multi-National Corporations, and foreign special interests" here in the USA. "American Spring" anyone?
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    Nice. What I had in the pic was just what survived over the years. I don't even have a turntable...

    Nice. What I had in the pic was just what survived over the years. I don't even have a turntable to play them on now. So many others lost, destroyed, sold and traded for other crap. I had a bunch of original '80's "picture disks" that I wish I had never sold. Search "Iron Maiden Picture Disc" on...
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    I know you're into 'Maiden, and after your record player wish, I thought you might be able to...

    I know you're into 'Maiden, and after your record player wish, I thought you might be able to appreciate these: http://imgur.com/uUd3SIL (Piece of Mind and Killers were supposed to be in there too but, they seem to be misplaced at the moment)
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    your Ideal Partner

    ...but you're going to dress in sexually 'taboo' Lolita outfits? ...that you want your lover to buy for you? ...but he can't be interested in sex too much, much less, be a "sex freak"? ...and you can't see these seemingly obvious and inherent condradictions? *facepalm* Never mind. Sorry...
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    your Ideal Partner

    Ummm... Yeeeaaaahhhh... Kinda contradictory, dontcha think? Maybe? ...A little bit?
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    Anthros you find attractive

    I know I'm dating myself here but, my earliest attractions were: Hawk and Koori (Buck Rodgers in the 25th Century) The Sorceress (Teela Na) from '80's He-Man ThunderCats - original, pretty much all of 'em. Angel & Omar from the movie 'Rock 'N Rule' (1983) ...And probably several more that are...
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    your Ideal Partner

    Not true. The second wife of friend of mine is not only pretty hot... not only a RABID New England Patriots fan... But can also kick your ass at Modern Warfare. Just sayin' - unicorns DO exist - there's just very, very, very few of them.
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    What was the last album you listened to?

    4-20 y'all. Torch it. http://youtu.be/7GNF04m5eos
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    your Ideal Partner

    Shit... The comments already started? *shuffling sideways towards seat* *spilling popcorn* 'Scuse me...'Scuse me...
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    Confessions thread

    You come to Boston and move into Southie (unless your one of those lace curtain mother fuckers, then you can fook off to West Roxbury or the north end); you take your place on a stool at Whitey's or the Black Thorn, adopt a "troubled artist" persona; pretend you have a deeper understanding of...