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  1. DireDrag0n

    Give bad advice to the User above you

    Cut the top off the Christmas tree (where you can reach it) and place the star on it. How do I glue a tree back together?
  2. DireDrag0n

    What do you think about Micro/Macro?

    It's just absurdly big/small people. I don't personally like it, but I don't care if an acquaintance or a friend happens to, unless they're overbearing or weird with it. Find the whole thing kind of odd, really. Not a bad odd. Just can't understand the appeal for it.
  3. DireDrag0n

    It doesss? Useful indeed.

    It doesss? Useful indeed.
  4. DireDrag0n

    Oh, thank you! I was too busy to check this yesterday. Surprised someone noticed.

    Oh, thank you! I was too busy to check this yesterday. Surprised someone noticed.
  5. DireDrag0n

    Favorite Furry Specie

    Felines, eastern dragons, canines, hyenas and all manner of mythical creatures.
  6. DireDrag0n

    Now that we're back, how did you pass the time?

    I wasn't on FurAffinity Forums until it got put back up, actually. I remember wanting to join a few months ago and continuously seeing that it was down. Very frustrating. Past few months, I've been busy with work and family stress. Spent a lot of time on social media. Read a lot of books...
  7. DireDrag0n

    Can Someone Help Me With A Sona Idea?

    What do you mean by teach about females?
  8. DireDrag0n

    Open Chat

    Not much. Kinda bored. You?
  9. DireDrag0n

    But why would you do such a thing?

    Doggo needed to do business. Not with you, but with the grass and his ass. Why did you purposely drive your car into an orphanage?
  10. DireDrag0n

    getting my first fursuit ^w^

    Woahh, congrats! Looks to be turning out great.
  11. DireDrag0n


    Hello! Welcome to the forums, Soronous. Hope you enjoy it here. Cheers to you as well!
  12. DireDrag0n

    Furry Cons & Coronavirus

    I've wanted to go to a VR con for a while now. Physical cons are obviously not safe with COVID around. We've even had a recent spike in cases. Are the physical cons going virtual, I wonder?
  13. DireDrag0n

    Are you a dog or cat person?

    Dogs are more straightforward with their affection, and I'm a straightforward kind of person. I don't want to be affectionately stared at from afar by a cat; I want to be flat out tackled by a dog. Also, cats seem to sense my preference for their canine pet counterparts and hate me for it. Even...
  14. DireDrag0n

    An action figure has been made of your Fursona!

    A bloody knife and a fancy pocket-watch, I imagine.
  15. DireDrag0n

    How old were you when you became a Furry?

    My first introduction to something "furry" was probably around 12. As for officially being a furry, I think I still haven't accepted that yet, despite having a fursona and a few other furry characters.
  16. DireDrag0n

    Your fursona and the one above you are locked into a cellar...

    Speaking as a claustrophobic, I think you'd either mercy kill me or we'd both go insane together <3
  17. DireDrag0n

    The furson above you has been hospitalized, why?

    Hit in the head with a globe.
  18. DireDrag0n

    Word association