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  1. Leafblower29

    Is there a way to run both windows and linux at the same time besides virtualbox?

    The Ubuntu installer adds Windows 7 to GRUB automatically.
  2. Leafblower29

    How to install virtual os on another partition?

    Why do you need a separate partition? Ubuntu reads NTFS.
  3. Leafblower29

    Is the usa societally becoming more liberal?

    Yes. In some aspects this is good, and some this is bad.
  4. Leafblower29

    what does music do for you?

    It relaxes me or energizes me depending on the song.
  5. Leafblower29

    First OS you've ever used

    It was Mac OS 8 or 9 at school, pretty sure it was 8 though. This was about 2000 in Kindergarten. Fan of RMS?
  6. Leafblower29

    How to Change In Game Music for PC

    Xfire has an in-game controller for WMP, iTunes, and Winamp, so you can just mute the game's music and use that to control your music. Steam and Xfire also have an in-game browser if you'd prefer Pandora or last.fm.
  7. Leafblower29

    Favorite and most hated part of your job...

    Best Part: Uhhhhhhh........ Worst Part: The phone calls and getting appointments.
  8. Leafblower29

    Your Top 5 Artists

    1. Gucci Mane 2. Skrillex 3. Young Jeezy 4. Waka Flocka Flame 5. 50 Cent
  9. Leafblower29

    What's the last album you bought?

    Are you the real Gucci Mane?
  10. Leafblower29

    paging and hibernation files

    For an average user, yes. For video editing? Absolutely not.
  11. Leafblower29

    Thoughts On xmonad (Linux window-tiling manager)?

    I'm using Awesome right now and I plan to try out xmonad.
  12. Leafblower29

    Itunes not opening or anything

    Did you make sure to wait like 5-10 minutes? iTunes usually takes that long on most machines.
  13. Leafblower29

    Things that need to ousted from the fandom immediately

    Incorrect some people will hate you just by finding out from someone else. OK True This proves your first statement incorrect. Why? Also I noticed that there are people who thought cub was wrong. I can't believe people think that exploitation of children and drawings are the same thing.
  14. Leafblower29

    Geoffrey Fieger's Racism Statement

    He didn't. I think you skimmed what I said. True, but communism and being a radical have nothing to do with skin color. He's making it seem like accusing him of those makes you racist.
  15. Leafblower29

    Geoffrey Fieger's Racism Statement

    I saw this on TV and I was like.... What? -Nttiz9JCho I've been fixated on this all day. It seems like he is almost saying people who don't like Obama are racist.
  16. Leafblower29

    Mac or PC?

    :o Patachu.
  17. Leafblower29

    Mac or PC?

    Some computers are better than others when it comes to that. Lenovo ThinkPads and MacBooks are known for being drop resistant. I once saw someone drop a ThinkPad down a flight of stairs and it survived. It had an SSD so everything was okay storage wise, but if it had an HDD that would be gone...
  18. Leafblower29

    Site charges IE7 tax

    I did this at school and it was worth it to not use a slow browser with a shit UI. Firefox was faster on flash drive than IE8 on the computer's HDD.