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  1. Arik~Vulpes

    Arik's Fursona

    Name: Arik Vulpes Sex: Male Species: Red Fox(Lunarian) Height: 6’ 2” Weight: 180 Appearance: - Hair and fur:Typical fur pattern of a Red Fox. Has no hair on his head other than the fur. - Markings: Hasthe words “Hell Jumpers” with a canine...
  2. Arik~Vulpes

    Vale. Hello.

    Hey. Been a fur for a few years now but never got to the whole FA thing till now. Looking to meet new friends and what not. Here's a few things about me. *From Indiana *I'm a Red Fox *Can be a smart-ass somtimes but am mostly kind to others *Madly in love with my girl (She's a Fur too!) *advid...