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  1. Jacob Bender

    G’day mate! I heard you have a kangaroo

    G’day mate! I heard you have a kangaroo
  2. Jacob Bender

    nony has not completed my art yet

    nony has not completed my art yet
  3. Jacob Bender

    Help a DJ out pls+ finding some trance songs played on other university radio

    Hey guys, its me, Jacob aka DJlaunchpad22. As you guys know, I am a dj, and my first gig where i got to promote some amazing music was my own radio show on my university’s radio station, Album 88. In about a week or so, I will be celebrating ten episodes of that radio show, named “Launchpad...
  4. Jacob Bender

    another day another request

    can you draw this in your style?
  5. Jacob Bender

    Free Art: Taking Art Requests! [Closed/Hiatus]

    @Nony How long are u on hiatus?
  6. Jacob Bender

    What do you think when you look at the fur above you?

    i think i see the first furry robot/transformer
  7. Jacob Bender

    Predators and Prey

    I’m thinking of getting a roo suit that matches my profile pic
  8. Jacob Bender

    the Bouncing Kangaroo's Hangout by DJ Jumpsta the kangaroo and his human

    Human dj Jumpsta:Hey guys! Dj Jumpsta the kangaroo+outback Jumpsta: G'day Mates! You may remember when we asked a lot of you furries if you like to bounce for fun, transport or both. forums.furaffinity.net: Think like a kangaroo! Can your fur sona bounce and jump around? But now it is the...
  9. Jacob Bender

    Today is me and my kangaroo fursona's birthday!

    you can choose one from the list
  10. Jacob Bender

    Not sure where to post this but ATTENTION ALL THELOONERKING FANS

    @FluffyShutterbug these links will help you out more: Join the Alex's room of Awesome! Discord Server! (look for his username as DivineGoddessArtemis) Balloon and Space hopper art commissions open by demonstardust on DeviantArt
  11. Jacob Bender

    Today is me and my kangaroo fursona's birthday!

    Hey dudes! DJ Jumpsta the kangaroo: G'day mates! ITS OUR BIRTHDAY TODAY!!!! Dj Jumpsta: We turning a BLOOMIN 19 years old up in this! We would like to request a few things that follow this criteria. A furry that you like (that bounces) My fursona bouncing with said fursona A kangaroo My kangaroo...
  12. Jacob Bender

    Not sure where to post this but ATTENTION ALL THELOONERKING FANS

    ATTENTION ALL Userpage of theloonerking -- Fur Affinity [dot] net FANS! THELOONERKING is in GREAT DANGER! He wants to male hopper ball arts but charges $15 for a COMISSION of them! For those of you who like to spend money for commissions, this may seem like no big deal to you, but there's more...
  13. Jacob Bender

    Back on DA

    Im back on Deviantart: Sorry for inactivity on Fur Affinity but I am on DA Again -- DJLAUNCHPAD22's Journal
  14. Jacob Bender

    Favorite furry species?

    Any furry (especially a kangaroo) that can bounce bounce bounce!!!
  15. Jacob Bender

    The newest member of DJJUMPSTA77:Outback Jumpsta

    Hey guys, Jacob of DJJumpsta77 here. If you follow the User Sorcerermickey911 like me, you may know his fursona outback. Sadly SorcererMickey911 ran outta money to raise this kangaroo, but luckily, I was able to adopt him and give Jake Jumpsta a brother from another user. You may remember...
  16. Jacob Bender

    Random facts about your fursona(s)

    my fursona can bounce on his tail like tigger and also on his butt like experiment 520/ Cannonball from Lilo and Stitch the Series
  17. Jacob Bender


  18. Jacob Bender

    Request: My fursona's Halloween Costume: Become Half human and half kangaroo DEADLINE: October 30-31

    Hey guys! As halloween comes up, my fursona DJ Jumpsta and I decided on the ultimate halloween costume. Can someone Draw 1/2 of me and 1/2 of jumpsta fused together? In other words one half of my body from head to toe for either the left or right side of the body is human and the other half is...