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  1. SaziSkylion

    Female Avian character seeks male character for long-term romantic rp, 18+

    I'm looking for an RP partner who is willing to throw around plot ideas and stick around for what I'm hoping to be well fleshed-out story. There will be romance, and hopefully conflict that will add depth to the story and the characters themselves. There will be kinks involved, specifically the...
  2. SaziSkylion

    Hi Guys!

    So... I guess I'll just introduce myself :) M'name's Sazi, I'm a Skylioness living in Nebraska I'm 20 years old and I love anime, music and drawing I love drawing for others, so I leave commissions permanently open You can find me on Deviantart and Youtube under the same name I have here c:
  3. SaziSkylion

    SaziSkylion's open for commisions

    :) Yup, I'm open for commishes! Guidelines: I will NOT DO: - Vore - Scat - Urination - Armour - Abuse/rape - Bugs - Cub - porcupines/echidnas I WILL do - 18+ material (excluding the topics above; I can't draw male 'private parts' very well,) - Ferals - Anthros - Mild Inflation - Humans - Birds...