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  1. BaoBun

    Taking SFW requests!

    Hi! I’m gonna step outside my shell a bit and have a go at taking some SFW requests! Im not wanting to overwhelm myself too much so there will only be 3 slots available. I’m most confident with headshots but if you don’t mind me being experimental I’ll happily try to draw full or half bodies...
  2. BaoBun

    New sketch!

    I drew for 5 hours straight today learning about anatomy and then followed it up with drawing this sketch! This is my first attempt at a full body drawing - I would like to say however that I also watched imaginatively unimaginatively on YouTube that gave a step by step process of drawing...
  3. BaoBun

    Where do you post your art?

    Hey guys I wanted to ask where everyone posts their art. I post on fur affinity, instagram, Tumblr and deviantart but I don't know if there's anywhere else that would be good to post! I know reaching a large audience won't happen instantly but any suggestions to places where it's quite popular...
  4. BaoBun

    Fan art! (And a day's comparison)

    Hey!! There's one fur suiter that I follow (who also makes fursuits) called @itssofuzzy on Instagram! She has a really cute fursuit of an angel dragon called Munchie! (I'll be adding this info to the pieces when I post them to FA and Instagram!). I also wanted to show my progression too! I...
  5. BaoBun

    Discord severs and Telegram Chats

    Hey!! I'm wanting to make more friends within the community and was wondering if anyone had a link to a discord server or telegram group that they would let me join? :) I'm into video games and art so anything relating to that would also be cool!!
  6. BaoBun


    Hey!! I'm still a very new beginner both to drawing furry art and art in general! I've been drawing on an off for the past several years but constantly lost motivation. I'm having oodles of fun drawing furry stuff and I've found some motivation to draw like never before! I've been drawing...
  7. BaoBun

    Let me see your pets!!

    I love animals a lot and wanted to see everyone’s pets! These are mine, we have 2 dogs and 2 chinchillas!
  8. BaoBun

    Who to follow

    Hi! I’m still very new to the community and I don’t really know many fursuit makers! I wanted to ask for suggestions on who to follow (mostly on Instagram if possible). They can have a big follower count or small! I just love watching the process as it’s so interesting a cool!
  9. BaoBun

    What are programme do you use? & critique my art!

    Hi! I currently use sai but have been wondering if I should sub to photoshop. Part of me feels I need to get better with my digital art before getting photoshop (because it is a lot of money)! But another part of me feels it would be incredibly beneficial to get used to photoshop at an early...
  10. BaoBun

    Spyro Remakes

    I honestly can't wait for these remakes, I'm borderline crying in anticipation for these!
  11. BaoBun

    Favourite Cartoons

    What’s everyones favourite cartoon? If you don’t watch cartoons what about tv shows or anime! My favourite cartoon definitely has to be sponge bob - I always watched it when I was younger and I find it an easy watch and usually have it as background noise :’)
  12. BaoBun


    Hi!! I'm BaoBun and I'm still fairly new to the community! Although I've known about it for 6 or so years I'd say I've only recently gotten more involved when a friend invited me to a fur meet. I had tonnes of fun and now I'm having lots of fun drawing furry characters! I love art, playing...