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  1. Mandragoras

    Noise and Extreme Experimental Music

    So, I've been listening to a lot of latter-day Sutcliffe Jügend lately—just got a copy of Blue Rabbit in the mail and I'm currently digging into Threnody for the Victims of Ignorance—and I was wondering how many other furry noise fans there were on this forum and what kind of stuff y'all are...
  2. Mandragoras

    What Kind of Music Do You Play, and Why?

    There's probably some ancient thread with a similar premise, but thread necromancy is generally ill-advised and I kind of want to take a different angle with this than is typical. See, I'm curious what sort of music you folks play, but I also think it would be neat for us all to discuss *why*...
  3. Mandragoras

    Hello, Strangers

    I've been a lurker on FA for at least a few months, although only now have I really thought to check the fora. Odd. Mostly I'm here for a handful of artists I like. All told, I'm less active within the furry community per se than I just happen to be friends with a lot of them on Tumblr and...