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  1. TayMalerei


    It's October, that means it's the season of spooks! Are your OCs wearing fun costumes? Have some new monster designs? Trying to sell some spooky ooky adopts? Posts em here I want the SPOOKY aesthetic !!
  2. TayMalerei

    $5 Emergency Adopt Sale

    Check em out here www.furaffinity.net: $5 Adopt Sale by TayMalerei
  3. TayMalerei

    Purging adopts $60 for all

  4. TayMalerei


    Post your refs. Will choose one I like most. NSFW refs okay, just post link instead of image
  5. TayMalerei

    Merfolk Auction

    >>> NSFW AUCTION HERE <<< Base by Pollo-chan
  6. TayMalerei

    Beta search on mobile only works if...

    ... I fill out both the normal search box AND the advanced search box. Does anyone else have this problem?
  7. TayMalerei

    Draw my python girl? ♥

    By ShinyShootingStar on FA
  8. TayMalerei

    Draw my python girl? ♥

    By It's Spooky Chai on Furry Amino
  9. TayMalerei

    Looking to maybe buy a tail?

    This person has pretty good yarn tail commissions. I haven't personally worked with them myself but you can easily find people who have through here. Artwork Gallery for Shines -- Fur Affinity [dot] net
  10. TayMalerei

    SFW/NSFW Sketches

    Hope you find some good characters to draw! Here's mine ^^
  11. TayMalerei

    Draw my python girl? ♥

    By Novakin on FA
  12. TayMalerei

    Random Requests Thread

    I've got a snazzy new snake girl if anyone doesn't like drawing legs lol I know I don't <:
  13. TayMalerei

    [CLOSED, but finishing queue] New artist drawing FREE headshots!

    I got a snake who needs art ♡ Artwork Gallery for TayMalerei -- Fur Affinity [dot] net
  14. TayMalerei

    Free commissions

    TayMalerei ^^
  15. TayMalerei

    Free commissions

    I ended up having some art block so I used a base by Waitress
  16. TayMalerei

    NSFW Busty Babes Auction

    www.furaffinity.net: Busty Babes Auction OPEN by TayMalerei
  17. TayMalerei

    Free commissions

    n Not yet
  18. TayMalerei

    Free commissions

    Ok, I'll try to get something to you by tonight
  19. TayMalerei

    Do you use Trello?

    So I just started using Trello and it confused me a lil at first but OH MY GOD is it great for organizing! I made one for keeping track of adopts and another for keeping track of commissions ♥ Trello Trello If you have trouble keeping track of your workload definitely check it out!!