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  1. TayMalerei


    It's October, that means it's the season of spooks! Are your OCs wearing fun costumes? Have some new monster designs? Trying to sell some spooky ooky adopts? Posts em here I want the SPOOKY aesthetic !!
  2. TayMalerei

    $5 Emergency Adopt Sale

    Check em out here www.furaffinity.net: $5 Adopt Sale by TayMalerei
  3. TayMalerei

    Purging adopts $60 for all

  4. TayMalerei


    Post your refs. Will choose one I like most. NSFW refs okay, just post link instead of image
  5. TayMalerei

    Merfolk Auction

    >>> NSFW AUCTION HERE <<< Base by Pollo-chan
  6. TayMalerei

    Beta search on mobile only works if...

    ... I fill out both the normal search box AND the advanced search box. Does anyone else have this problem?
  7. TayMalerei

    NSFW Busty Babes Auction

    www.furaffinity.net: Busty Babes Auction OPEN by TayMalerei
  8. TayMalerei

    Do you use Trello?

    So I just started using Trello and it confused me a lil at first but OH MY GOD is it great for organizing! I made one for keeping track of adopts and another for keeping track of commissions ♥ Trello Trello If you have trouble keeping track of your workload definitely check it out!!
  9. TayMalerei

    Draw my python girl? ♥

    I just made a new character and I love her so much already ♥♥ She is a ball python so you don't even have to draw legs <: Thanks to anyone that draws her!! base @waitress
  10. TayMalerei

    $15 Femboy Adopts

    Please claim here and not on the forum!! base by lockworkorange
  11. TayMalerei

    Experimental Grunge Posters

    More information: www.furaffinity.net: Experimental Poster Freebies -- TayMalerei's Journal
  12. TayMalerei

    I drew a background for once ~

    As someone who never draws backgrounds I'm pretty happy with the result www.furaffinity.net: Sparkledog Lomasi by TayMalerei
  13. TayMalerei

    Laminated Copic Headshot Badges $25

    LAMINATING AND SHIPPING INCLUDED!! (US Only) These will be shipped in a cardboard mailer with standard shipping. I will do any species, any gender. Progress pics will be sent as requested. Changes and adjustments can be made. BADGE DIMENSIONS: 3"x5" Larger badges can be negotiated If you...
  14. TayMalerei

    Badge cutting help?

    I tried my hand at making a badge, and for the most part I really like how it came out! But I'm terrible at cutting things, and was wondering if anyone had tips that help them! I used scissors because my knife is missing :')
  15. TayMalerei

    $20 Dragon Adopt. 3 Outfits included!

    -- NSFW -- www.furaffinity.net: $20 Adopt by TayMalerei www.furaffinity.net: $20 Adopt by TayMalerei www.furaffinity.net: $20 Adopt by TayMalerei
  16. TayMalerei

    Free Couples Icons

    Need some commission examples, so post two characters you want bein' all cute with each other. I'll only be doing the ones I feel like doing ~
  17. TayMalerei

    $10 Adopt

    www.furaffinity.net: $10 Adopt by TayMalerei www.furaffinity.net: $10 Adopt by TayMalerei www.furaffinity.net: $10 Adopt by TayMalerei
  18. TayMalerei

    Full body freebs

    -- THIS THREAD IS OPEN INDEFINITELY. I WILL COME BACK AND DRAW WHEN I FEEL LIKE IT, BUT I WILL TRY TO GET SOMETHING DONE AT LEAST ONCE A WEEK -- Hit me up with your references and I might draw your character. I'm more likely to draw cute fem stuff ~ Artworks:
  19. TayMalerei

    Spare Toyhouse code?

    I really need one ;^;
  20. TayMalerei

    Draw my OC? ♥

    I'm broke so I can't commission anyone ;^; But I would love to see Lomasi in other people's styles ~