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    Closed for character portraits

    RE: Open for character portraits hello!! perhaps you would like to draw a deer or a chinese crested dog?? Pico: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v188/rico_/art/CS_qt.jpg Betty: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v188/rico_/art/CS_iluvxmas.jpg :*)
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    Rules Nazis Wanted

    pick me cuz i'm kool
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    FA Policy Notice - "Cub" Art

    thanks dragoneer ;o)
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    Stepping down.

    bye :*)
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    osive> UMMM [21:34] <Corrosive>
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    Gender rollout misinterpretation

    well see, some of us cant even get the tag box to work when we submit stuff, so it's kind of hard to include them :*) conneich: but in real life, forms almost always ONLY have male or female, maybe occasionally "other", but i've never seen one with hermaphrodite or transgender - and for that...
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    Choice of a horn design

    dang it 3 was the best :*(
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    What kind of furry are you?

    clown seaslug
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    Want a Chakat?

    verix ur pretty cool do u want to be mates :*)
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    Suggestions on programs?

    tablets suck, mouse drawing 4 lyfe
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    Suggestions on programs?

    paint shop pro should be suitable for you; i use it all the time and i like it, although i usually use open canvas (which is free) for coloring. if you're not down with illegal downloading n shit, psp is pretty inexpensive especially when compared to photoshop :*T
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    Want a Chakat?

    you betcha! and buddy i have the right to whore myself out in this thread, so by golly i will!
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    brain teaser

    but to pop a wheelie ~*by definition*~ you need to lift the front wheel off the ground, and because unicycles don't have front wheels there is no wheel to lift. unless you consider the single wheel the front (eg in tricycles the front wheel has the pedals), then you'd just need to kind of hop...
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    Want a Chakat?

    does anyone want to b my m8 pls pm me...........
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    WHO IS GOING TO FC 2007?!

    lol i probably can't go because of s c h o o l unless i won't have friday classes that semester, but i'd hate to bust out so much money just to spend 3 days at a furry con heh~
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    why was i banned

    mod sassafrass
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    What music do you like?

    i like sw33t songs like this: http://pico.localghost.us/tunes/song.mp3 but Beck is my favorite musician and midnite vultures is the best album ever imho!!
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    mean and inhumane or loving and cautious?

    just build a fence, jeez.
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    Strange Foods You Enjoy

    lumpy cream of wheat also circus peanuts are awesome, and i like to dip french fries, popcorn, chips, etc. into icecream :*)