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    Wing-it Speedpaint Commissions

    Taking a couple experimental Wing-it Speedpaints. $35/hr (~4hrs suggested) Email if interested: blindcoyotestudios@gmail.com Check out more cool stuff here http://www.blindcoyote.com AS: https://www.artstation.com/blindcoyote Twitch: Instagram: BlindCoyote (@blindcoyoteart) •...
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    Streaming on Twitch

    FA Link: Userpage of blindcoyote -- Fur Affinity [dot] net Twitch Link: Twitter Link: BlindCoyote (@blindcoyoteart) | Twitter Content Type: Creative/ variety games Community size: 20-30 Scheduled Times: 2pm-8pm EST (Check twitter for updates) Four Sentence pitch: I'm a creative streamer who...
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    Streaming on Twitch

    Do you stream on Twitch? Or are you just into watching streams? Well here is where you can promote your stream and find some new people to watch. Lets try to stick to a standard simple format to keep things some what organized. FA/DA/Weasyl/FN Link: Twitch Link: Twitter Link: Content Type...
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    Cintiq 13HD and SAI problems

    Hey guys I recently got my Cintiq 13HD and have run into an issue. I have 2 additional monitors in addition to the cintiq. The problem is that When I calibrate the tablet it works fine in Photoshop CC and Manga Studios 5 it works fine. Though as soon as I move my pen over top the canvas in SAI...