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  1. Z

    E3!!!! .. !! :3~

    I got my pass, I will be going. No one or nothing is going to stop me. I shall bring tons of deoderant, a portable stool, my jurassic park water bottle and massive amounts of caffiene. I - cannot - wait. ^_______________^ Im going to score me so much swag its not going to be funny. -Z
  2. Z

    Metroid 3, Mario G, Starfox - Trifecta from heaven

    I put all my money into my PC hardware last Sept: http://www.furaffinityforums.net/showthread.php?tid=2188 and ive been nothing but happy with my investment, but those three titles alone run shivvers down me spine. I wants. Present Wii oners, you have these gems to look forward to, and I am...
  3. Z

    Odd, strainge request, I dont normally do this...

    Ive never made a request to anyone on this site, suggestions maybe, but not flatout asking for stuffs, especially in publick on the forum here. Ive had this idea swimming in my head, and after seeing some things related i just need to actually ask if someone would be willing to do me some...
  4. Z

    o.O Game Controller Stompage

    Ok... im sure when one is fustrated at the game they get angry a bit, I witness my friend shouting at the screen, twistign the controller in his hands, , throwing it to the floor and proceeded to stop the livin shit out of it in violent rage... all while tryin to fight a boss on a game I brought...
  5. Z

    Zelda : Twilight Princess

    WARNING - CONTAINS SPOILERS I have seen it on the Wii, and have bought it for my gamecube and honestly the graphics are about the same, without that aweful Wii controller thing. The gamecube's controls are easy and well thought. This is one of the few games that I am actually enjoying...
  6. Z

    Oblivion Action Music Video

    I have made a music video from my fraps gameplay and scenes ive gathered, it came out quite well I must say. It began when I heard this song on the radio, and when they said what it was after it played it was to my friend's house to borrow the CD as I wanted the WAV file, not crappy p2p mp3 as I...
  7. Z

    Blue Ray

    Is the new format worth the price tag? I have seen the comparison specs on all the formats, personally i wait a year after the console comes out cuse A the price drios after the second xmas B there are alot of titles out for it and C the tech isnt as spankin new to have to fork over the cash to...
  8. Z

    Boooz + vid games

    Im a lil stooped now, sat nite, dragoneeer to acording to him, power the servers with vodka yay! but ya anyways ever play your games plasterd, they cara fun but its like adding a difficulty level damn, prey isa bitch and a half tryin it like this hehe. Yall ever? -Z
  9. Z

    Gaming Machine [Your PC Specs] -Updated-

    Sure the games now adays are pretty, but what kind of rig do you run them on? Here is a place to List your true specs giving your current level of hardware to play them on, your machine's specs that is. Here are mine, heh, not to boast or anything ^^: Video Card) Ati All in Wonder PCIe 16X...
  10. Z


    Who else has been treated to this graphically intense masterpiece? Fan journal entry here: http://www.furaffinity.net/journal/22407/ :3 -Z
  11. Z

    USB Console Adaptors

    Naturally if you’re a gamer, you have several emulator programs on your Computer. So, if you wish to experience the closest possible to the original game play, you would want to use a device to convert your favorite console controllers into PC game controllers, then configure your emulator to...
  12. Z

    Possible Watch Bot?

    This user "ympmon". I have not seen this before now; 4 watchings in a row by the same user. The users page has no coments, posts, info, anything entered except that aparently makes watches as ppl all just comented in thanking for the watch, and getting them in return. I find it a lil fishy is...
  13. Z

    Damned OC crapped out, this ever happen to you? a fix?

    OC has been doing this to me on two seprate machines, unrelated, but same prob. Im famuliar with how it works, I erased the temp file, even deleted the reg keys but still, no matter how many ppl give me theirs or diffrent dir's I launch it in, still this greyed out non-functioning crap. It...
  14. Z

    Kill that firefox button...

    Ok, just when I thought I had gotten comfortable here at FA, since the yaoi gallery put that thing on the top to blaitantly remind me they hate im browser. Now, you guys just have to put that graphic on your page under the quicksearch. Yes, I get it, you want me to use firefox, well its not...
  15. Z

    OC and You - Totorial By Zippo

    OC and You ? By Zippo (http://furaffinity.net/user/zippo/) From the person that brought fourth the attention of download accelerators. (yeah, had to put in the plug somewhere :p) This is a stand alone digital painting program that has network capability. A high-speed connection is...