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  1. Juju-z

    Avatars Galore

    So I am more used to drawing human faces then furry faces, so I was thinking about drawing a bunch of head shots of various expressions of dogs and cats, and things. But instead I've decided to give everyone here a chance at free avatars. Here's what you have to do, its really easy. Give me a...
  2. Juju-z

    Juju Art raffle

    Do you happen to like cats? Do you happen to like plants? What about cats that ARE plants? Do you like telling jokes? Then I have wonderful news for you! I am raffling off this character: If you want a chance to get this character for free click here: www.furaffinity.net: Free OC raffle...
  3. Juju-z

    Cyberpunk 2077: Lack of self awareness

    Realizing the consequences of your actions is important.
  4. Juju-z

    An art dump

    So since I've seen quite a few image dumps on here, might as well show mine. See I created a new style for this account, meaning that when I started, it was only a concept, held up just barely from my experience in other art styles. Meaning it was and still is very unrefined, lots of details on...
  5. Juju-z

    Bribe me plenty[Closed]

    So I want to boost up my follower count, so I figured I would take on request. But I am not really a fan of doing something for nothing, so lets be straight forward about this. I want you to bribe me, fav something I drew (1 point), comment on something I drew(1 point), watch my account(4...
  6. Juju-z

    So I need to draw some more

    See I just got back from abandoning my account for a year, meaning its pretty much as unknown as unknown can get. So I logically should draw a bunch of stuff to get into gear, but I'm not quite sure where to start. Anyone interested? Userpage of Juju-Z -- Fur Affinity [dot] net If its in my...
  7. Juju-z

    Hello, its artist #838745 to the 12th power

    So, I joined FA about a year ago, abandoned it, restarted it, and just now realized there was a forum attached to this site. I originally gave up on the site because I couldn't find a good way to be social, that didn't require spamming comments on every single image I see. Something I'd rather...