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  1. GesuGesu

    Free Art: I want to draw cute girls (kemono style artist)

    Hi, I want to do a small little project inspired by a song I'm currently listening to. I want to draw A TON OF CUTE KEMONO GIRLS!! 29 of them, ideally. I want to draw bikini idol kemono girls... Please drop me your OC reference in this thread so I can draw them in my free time! There's no...
  2. GesuGesu

    Are requests good for me to continue doing?

    I feel like I do mostly requests both in the past and currently, and sometimes I feel like what I make is overkill for something that is [request level] and not [commission level]. These below were all requests.. www.furaffinity.net: Request list by GesuGesurin www.furaffinity.net: Request list...
  3. GesuGesu

    Made a new sona..

    I wanted to make myself a new halloween icon, since my FA icon hasn't changed since I made it. Then I realized I never showed this character EVER before and hastily made a quick ref sheet. I already have a main sona, but I'm thinking to just have these two both be my mascots, and even do...
  4. GesuGesu

    (Commission) Selling: Commissions open! Kemono/anime-style STARTING from $10 USD+

    Hi, it's been a while since I've been on the forums! I've been busy updating my samples, and currently wish to do commission work! My commission prices average around $50, but I go as low as $10 for icon commissions! Full details and samples here: kimoicchi.wixsite.com: kimoicchi ^Methods of...
  5. GesuGesu

    Webcomic: Phantom Thief Kane [click img for link]

    Hey, so surprisingly, I crossposted over at the comic-hosting site/app Tapastic, and I ended up getting over 1k subscribers after I got featured. :/ (now everyone there knows I'm a furry LEL) Please stop by and read my little comic if you're free!
  6. GesuGesu

    Open Commissions ($10-60+)

    I do mainly humans but I can also do furries. Please email me at kimoicchi@gmail.com if interested! Nearly all my work will be full colour, or at least, lineart. I do not sell sketchwork. Main info page: kimoicchi.wixsite.com: kimoicchi Within my skill level: - Humans - Anthros - NSFW (please...
  7. GesuGesu

    OC revamp

    I wanted to get back into drawing anthros as well as clean up and revamp my first few furry OC designs now that I have a bit of breathing space in my schedule. ... And it turned into its own little mini world!! I usually don't think too hard about character backgrounds or details, but I had...
  8. GesuGesu

    Gesu's OC creation stuffs

    Just wanted to dump my OC art somewhere (all stuff I draw) I just made a female anthro design today and wanted to show her off ^q^ She's based off the fire sprite race from Chain Chronicles with the fur added WWWW
  9. GesuGesu

    SB69 next episode preview

  10. GesuGesu

    She/It needs a name~

    I realized I haven't given a name to a character I designed a year or so ago. Sorta leaning between having a female/ungendered character Art I just drew for this design today: I prefer short names (2 syllables or less) Asian/Western is fine! Uncommon names are preferred. (eg. alternate...
  11. GesuGesu

    Inktober share::

    yeah this is just a show-off thread I opened up requests for Inktober, (although I ended up doing digital ink since that was allowed) and managed to do all of them before October is even halfway over LOL Userpage of gesugesurin -- Fur Affinity [dot] net Here's some of the ones that came out...
  12. GesuGesu


    I still have about half of the month's worth of inktober slots available. Please check out the list and send me a note so I can consider adding your request to the journal~ Inktober subjects - 24 requests -- GesuGesurin's Journal -- Fur Affinity [dot] net The first furry ink has been done today:
  13. GesuGesu

    $8-10 Commissions - 3 SLOTS OPEN

    I'm sorta wek when it comes to FA and their pricing culture, so I'm only opening headshots for people on a tight budget LOL More information on commissions (and samples) can be found here: kimoicchi.wixsite.com: kimoicchi ^Includes how to contact me, estimated time for a finished commission...
  14. GesuGesu


  15. GesuGesu

    Art Requests/Trade

    Hi, I'm hoping to add a bit more to my FA gallery so I'm opening a single slot for trade or request. [CLOSED] TRADES WILL BE CONSIDERED BEFORE REQUESTS. FIRST COME, FIRST SERVE. Art will be finished and posted to my FA within 1 week - 1 month Style) Anime style - Chibi or Bust shot...
  16. GesuGesu


    IDK how new I can be considered here. First time FA-forumgoer, a year or two on FA so far. It's pretty hard to find a way to message people conveniently without a chatbox/ I think it all started with some nice art I found on Tumblr, but ey I found my niche in the Show By Rock!! fandom of furry...