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  1. L.Rey

    Use a Pokemon move on the user above

    Self-explanatory, guess I'm the first target. Lemme start us out properly though.. ! *Encounter music starts*
  2. L.Rey

    Request: Would anyone like to draw me?

    This is the closest thing I have to a ref, I'm a grey wolf btw. Toofs sticking out is optional, it's a Night in the Woods thing really...like my lack of a tail. Anyway, just thought I'd ask...thank you for your time..
  3. L.Rey

    LF rp partner

    Anyone interested in a somewhat DnD themed rp? I have some experience in general, but I'm also pretty lax about this. I can do literate and non-lit, though I suppose I prefer literate. Nothing too crazy, just like a paragraph maybe. We can talk it out, really. Only catch is, at the time of this...
  4. L.Rey

    Good "quickie" games?

    Alright listen up NERDS (jk pls don't hate me), I'm curious about finding good "quickie" games to play. Y'know: something that's easy to pick up and put down. Not talking about difficulty, I mean something I could play for like 5 or 10 minutes at most before having to close it. Been a few times...
  5. L.Rey

    Alternative species

    If you/your main sona had to be a different species, what would it be? Basically, what's your runner-up? So I'm a grey wolf, but I considered being a goat! because Undertale I just think they're neat and funny. Is it a coincidence that I'm a Capricorn? Personally not too sure about that stuff...
  6. L.Rey

    Temple of Light cover

    This is an Ocarina of Time guitar cover I did years ago. I'm no expert, clearly, but I just do this for fun. Hope you guys like it.
  7. L.Rey

    Up for a chat?

    Anyone? Just thought I'd ask. Send me a DM if you're interested. (might delete this later)
  8. L.Rey

    Happy New Year's

    Now that it's actually New Year's Day for everyone, least it should be, I figured I'd share an appropriate song for everyone. Hope you're all safe, have a good one, and let's do our best this year. Stay strong, we've come this far already, we can do it. Hope you like the song too. ^^
  9. L.Rey


    Wasn't sure where to to post this, already made an introduction post. Just thought I'd say hi, that's all. Hope you're all doing well. Feel free to say hi back. Maybe you're not doing so well and need someone to talk to? Or just looking for a chat? Regardless, just...hi ^^' (Closest thing I...
  10. L.Rey

    Need some tech support

    Would like to personally walk through this with someone, but I guess I'll try to make a brief summary just to give you folks an idea of what's going on. So until recently, my Windows 8 pc has been working fine. Been serving me well for a few years now, besides a couple minor bumps along the...
  11. L.Rey

    Excuse me

    May I DM someone who's been around for a while? FAF and/or or just FA, doesn't matter. I just have a question I'd like to discuss, preferably one on one. No big deal, not trying to be a creep, I'm more or less in need of advice.
  12. L.Rey


    Been lurking in FA for years, decided to finally take the next step. I'm Luke, hope y'all are doing well. I'm looking to potentially make new friends, preferably close to my age range. I'm a man in my 20s, and a bit on the anxious side. Forgive me, but I do look forward to meeting any who wish...