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  1. Genonair

    (Commission) Selling: Fullbody commissions open! (very fast completion)

    DM me on here or on my Twitter if interested!
  2. Genonair

    (Commission) Selling: Gen's commissions! 10$-35$

    RULES -SFW- -Paypal only (US dollars)- -Payment beforehand- -Simple backgrounds only- -Feral and anthro (no humans)- • Full body shot -20$- -shading +5$- -10$ per extra character- • Half body shot • -15$- -shading +5$- -5$ per extra character- • Icons • -10$- -shading 3$-...
  3. Genonair

    (Commission) Selling: Cheap Commissions (5$-15$)! [OPEN]

    No NSFW, no fetish art, nothing offensive.
  4. Genonair

    Free Art of Your Fursona! [CLOSED]

    Hi! This is my first post ever on FA, so nice to meet you! I want to start commissions at one point, but feel uncomfortable doing it without any following. Plus, I would like to improve and hear feedback from people on here. That is why I am offering making free art. What I offer: I can draw...