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  1. Hellsingkitten

    Looking for guro/gore artist

    (Open) Hello all. I am looking for an artist that is willing to draw a sensual gore piece. I want a piece of my character holding my partners characters severed (but still living) head by a bit of spine that is sticking out of their neck. With the two characters making out and blood dripping out...
  2. Hellsingkitten

    Help me name my characters.

    I have recently obtained these two characters and I cant decide what name to give to either of them. Anyone have some good name ideas? 1: ? (new)2:?
  3. Hellsingkitten

    $25 OOAK Small Sculptures (Open)

    I'm going to open up 6 slots for $25 custom sculptures. Once these slots are filled, prices will go back to their normal price. ($30-60 value!) Sculptures are %100 clay. These slots include: -any species -any gender -SFW or NSFW -fetish items and small accessories allowed -choice of simplistic...
  4. Hellsingkitten

    $15 Custom Miniature Figurines (Open)

    Do you like cute things? Do you like custom stuff of your characters!? Well, Right now I have 7 $15 slots open for miniature figures, these can be any character, animal or creature. Once these slots are filled prices will go back to their normal values. (Normally $20-30!) All sculpts are 100%...
  5. Hellsingkitten

    Flat Rate Clay Slots Open ($25-$40)

    Hello all. I have clay commission slots open. These are for 1 1/2" pins, clay plush style sculpts and clay wind-up style sculpts. There are some examples of my work included below. Feel free to comment on here, send me a note on FA or comment on one of my links if interested. -Custom pins are...
  6. Hellsingkitten

    Flat Rate Bondage YCH Open, Just $18!

    Hello, I'm new to this forum. I would like to let you all know that I have a YCH open for characters who would like to be bound in a shibari style and muzzled. I am charging a flat rate of $18USD for these colored and shaded pieces for anyone who is interested. I will be using paypal only to...