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  1. Ryder.Rough

    Idea for a YCH

    I'd love to see this meme be made into a YCH. Sadly, I'm not an artist and I wouldn't do it justice. But I know, I just know there'd be a lot of interest! All I ask is that you decide to make this a reality you include my boy Ryder as one of them, I don't even care which one! But with four other...
  2. Ryder.Rough

    Fursuit Making on Skillshare

    As anyone who views sponsored content on Youtube knows, Skillshare is a website that charges a fee to give specific tutorials on learning a new trade. I'm sad to report there are currently no fursuit makers on Skillshare. Does anyone know of someone who might be interested in starting that? I'm...
  3. Ryder.Rough

    How goes it!

    Hi! I'm Ryder! I'm a 21-year-old college student who went from "What harm could get one pic of an ideal wolf version of me do?" to "If I have to choose between a fursuit and children in the future I'm choosing the fursuit." in one week. I mean I really shouldn't have been surprised. I've been...